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RimmersMusic’s outstanding selection of music accessories

Whether you’re looking to pair your new keyboard or piano with a sturdy playing stand; wanting to pick up a pickup for that guitar you’ve finally managed to get your hands on; or seeking a whole host of drum accessories, RimmersMusic’s range of musical accessories can meet your requirements and supply you with the equipment you’re after at fantastic prices. In addition to the aforementioned, we also supply music accessories for: folk instruments, bowed instruments, in addition to a whole host of microphone accessories and music accessories to satisfy all levels of play, from complete beginner to aficionado.

Help keep the peace whilst practicing by using a pair of headphones

You might believe yourself to be the second-coming of Jimi Hendrix, but let’s be honest; if you’re sharing your living space with others, whether family or friends, they’re not going to want to be disturbed by your jam sessions. Wearing a quality pair of headphones whilst playing will not only win you the thanks of those nearby, they’ll also help you appreciate the more subtle elements of your favourite instrument, improving your technique and appreciation for more complex pieces.

When it comes to music accessories, investing in a pair of stereo headphones or earplugs could turn out to be the most important addition in your musical journey. Similarly, if you’re a drummer, think about practicing with a digital drum kit when in close quarters. RimmersMusic has available top of the line digital drum kits from the likes of Roland, Spur and Yamaha, all capable of keeping your technique sharp whilst softening the noise output and winning you friends in the house.