Ensure you are audible, let your instrument be heard with an amplifier. An amplifier is so much more than ensuring you are louder throughout your sound system, it balances the sounds of everything that you hear. There are so many available within our range that you will no doubt find something to suit your needs.

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Which Amplifier Is Best For You?

Within our range of amplifiers, you will find that we have a wide selection available and you may be stuck on what are the differences and which amplifier would give you the best results for your musical instrument. But do not worry, here we will talk you through the core specifications of each amplifier and you will then understand the differences from a electric guitar amplifier and a bass guitar amplifier, and many other amplifier options.

Guitar Amplifiers
Without an amp for your electric guitar, the sound you produce will be acoustic not electric. An amplifier strengthens the signal from your guitar and picks up the energy travelling through the sound waves, The right guitar amplifier allows you to get your musical message out to your audience. There is no right or wrong amp, it simply comes down to what you are hoping to achieve, you may be a busker, playing gigs or just playing at home for your own ears. Your amp can be chosen on sound quality, power supply and also tone. We have a wide range of guitar amps available for you to select from.

Bass Guitar Amplifiers
Bass amps are made for the low wavelengths that the bass guitars produce and they demand more power to move airwaves throughout the sound system. Bass amps can produce different tones that range from warm to distorted and everything else in-between, therefore it is very important to get the right amp for your bass guitar to ensure you get the sounds you are wanting to achieve.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers
An acoustic guitar amplifier is the perfect accessory for your guitar, and they come in many different styles - whether you want to play live or at home. having an amp is essential for developing your sound. We have something for everyone, if you are looking for a high end amp with a higher budget then we stock Roland, AER and many more, these are suitable for a music lover who spends a lot of time playing the guitar. However, if your budget is not as high, we still stock high quality respectable brands for your guitar.

Keyboard Amplifiers
There are many reasons as to why you may want a keyboard amp, it all depends on what you are using it for. If you are hoping to play at home and just want better sound, then a smaller amp would be more suitable for you and our brands such as Peavey, Roland and Laney have the perfect solution. Amps are not used to just add volume to your keyboard, they are designed to give more clarity and a higher quality sound.
Stereo and synthesizer keyboards will produce the best results with two amplifiers as they can produce a wider spread with surround sound speakers, this is more suitable for musicians who gig as you would more than likely like your sound to reach as many people. As well as having an input for your keyboard, amplifiers more often than not have an input for a microphone so you can perform or introduce yourself at the same time.

Digital Drum Amplifiers
Digital drum kits are usually used with headphones, so that you can enjoy your music quietly and practice without disturbing others. However, amps for digital drum kits are essentially for when you want to unleash your musical self and really rock out, potentially when you are gigging. Drum amplifiers capture a wide range of sounds, and monitor high and low frequencies. If you are only at home practising then you do not need a higher wattage speaker, work within your means.

Multi Purpose Amplifiers
These are designed for the musical instrument lovers, they double up and combine their qualities to be able to input various formats. Whether you area guitarist, vocalist, drummer or all of the above - multi purpose amps have everything you need in one place. Each channel input can be customized for each instrument to get the best sound output.