Beginner Acoustic Drum Kits

Here at Rimmers Music, we understand how important the decision is when you are looking to purchase the perfect drum kit, whether you are looking to learn or you are trying to find the best kit for a loved one! That's why we have made a selection of the best drum kits we sell for all beginners. We have selected drum kits that we believe are great contenders for all ages, abilities and budgets! If you need more information on other beginner instruments, visit our beginner page here. Otherwise, below you will find our selected beginner drums. 

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3/4 drums are usually for children up to 7 years old, due to the smaller size kit, making the playing more comfortable for them. When children reach 8 years old and an average height, they can move up to a full-size drum kit, which is great due to the longevity of the kit as adults can play it too meaning you won't need to repurchase for a while!

The two most popular drum kits are called 'rock' and 'fusion'. A rock kit usually has a 22" bass drum 12", 13" and 16" toms and a 14" snare on a normal 5 piece kit and is designed for the rock drummer. A fusion kit usually has a 20" bass drum 10", 12" and 14" Toms and a 14" snare on a normal 5 piece kit and designed for the jazz-funk drummer.