Beginner Bass Guitars

When playing bass guitar, you are doing the work that holds everyone together, ensuring everybody sounds great! Playing bass guitar is a unique task in itself, so you need the perfect guitar to go with that! We have collected what we believe to be great beginner bass guitars, they are reliable, affordable and high quality. 

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Beginner Bass Guitars

What do you need to look for, when searching for a beginner bass guitar?

• Your new bass guitar should have 4 strings, this is standard for the instrument and also what 95% of bass players use throughout their music career. 4 strings are exactly what a beginner will need, any more can become quite unnecessary. 

• When it comes to the scale of your guitar, a long scale is considered standard and is usually the default option. However, short scale is ideal for young or small players as it provides more comfort. 

• When starting out, we do not recommend fretless basses, it can be harder to get the hang of. Fretless bass is something that advanced players may progress to, so stay with a fretted bass.