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Kawai Pianos – K300 vs K500

Kawai Pianos are one of the top-selling piano brands in the UK, for over 40 years they have been architects of the modern piano, we are a very proud authorised dealer. Let’s talk about the K Series – they have always been very popular since they launched in 2014. Within the K Series, are two popular models,  the Kawai K300 upright piano and the Kawai K500 upright piano, each model has many similarities so it can make the purchase process quite challenging, however, there are subtle differences that set them apart so... Read More


Top Tips for New Piano Players

Sitting Position: Positioning yourself correctly is the first step towards becoming a better player. You should ensure you are sitting up straight with your arms level with the keyboard. Having an adjustable bench can help with this, alternatively, prop up some cushions. Scales, Scales, Scales:          They can seem boring and monotonous but nothing prepares you for the rigours of playing music quite the way practising your scales does. Whether you are learning classical or more modern repertoire, scales will improve your muscle-memory enabling you to use correct fingering and... Read More


Yamaha P515 – The best slimline Clavinova ever?

Many words have been written already in praise of the P515, Yamaha’s stunning new personal piano. It is worthy of all the positive column inches dedicated to it. As a portable piano, it has no equal. But I’d like to add a few words about the P515 from a different point of view. Rather than just thinking about P515 as a portable piano, the question I’d like to pose is this… Is it the best slimline Clavinova ever? Working in Edinburgh is such a joy. It’s a beautiful city and... Read More


Top Tips to Make You a Better Piano Player

Whether you have just started to learn the piano or have been playing for years, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few important factors when it comes to developing your piano skills. The most important of all is practice. Like a lot of things in life, progression comes from repetition. Seeing improvement in your playing is a lot to do with muscle memory so playing pieces regularly is the best way to get your hands used to the movement. It is also helpful to put aside time... Read More


FREE Bonus Gear with KORG Workstations

Purchase a KORG Workstation before the 31st March 2019 and claim your FREE goodies. Claim FREE Bonus Gear when you purchase a Korg Workstation from Rimmers Music. KRONOS purchasers will have the opportunity to attend a Masterclass at KORG UK HQ with KORG expert Luke Edwards. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other KRONOS owners and fast track mastering the most powerful Workstation KORG have ever produced. We’ll also give you a free STAY 2-tier stand and book “AI Performance” by Chris Frost, worth a combined value of over £200!... Read More


Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Customers often ask what is the difference between an acoustic and electric guitar, before making their purchase. Our guide is here to help to answer any questions. Each guitar has many variations, with there being three different types to choose from you should know what sets them apart from one another. So, what do they have in common? The most obvious one is that they are stringed instruments, and in most cases, they are made up of 6 strings of metal.  In order to create a sound, these strings are plucked individually... Read More


Entry Level Instruments

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a very rewarding experience, but deciding on which instrument to purchase can be quite overwhelming, so we wanted to create a page on our website dedicated to helping you make that all important decision. Our NEW Beginner Packs page is the go-to destination for helping you make the decision, either for yourself or for somebody else! You can find it on our website here: Throughout the page, you can find something for everyone, ideal for children and adults – as we are... Read More


Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster

This is the perfect addition to any Eric Clapton fans guitar collection, a complete replica of his famous ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster! Featured on legendary songs such as, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘Wonderful Tonight’, ‘Lay Down Sally’, and many more! ‘Blackie’ was used by Eric almost exclusively on stage and in the studio from 1974-1985 and even appears on various live versions of ‘Layla’! In 2004, Eric’s ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster was sold for 850,000 USD at a Christie’s auction to support the Crossroads Centre and was the bid record for the world’s most... Read More


NEW: Casio CDP S100

New Sound • New Key Action • New Beginning The new ultra compact 88-note digital piano from Casio is designed to help you learn and love music. The new portable piano is to inspire musicians of all ages and abilities. Features: • 88-note weighted keyboard – the CDP-S100 has a brand new Scaled Hammer Acti0n II mechanism that provides weighting of an acoustic piano. It also has textured key surfaces that prevent your fingers from slipping whilst playing. • Versatile, dynamic and expressive sound – the CDP-S100 has a brand... Read More


NEW Yamaha Products in 2019

What is NEW from Yamaha in 2019? First up, we have the Arius YDP144 Digital Piano – the perfect option for students and hobbyists. It allows you to strive for musical perfection and really immerse yourself in the sounds that you create. The YDP 144 offers a grand piano-like experience, featuring the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand sound and the realistic Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard. The YDP144 now features sounds never seen before in the YDP series, the flagship CFX is now carefully sampled, allowing an incredible playing experience.... Read More