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Bolton Piano Sale at Rimmers Music 22/01/2018

Piano & Keyboard Showroom Clearance at Bolton

Piano & Keyboard Showroom Clearance at Bolton! Over in Bolton we’re hosting a Piano and Keyboard Showroom Clearance Event, with extra special offers on numerous digital and acoustic pianos – both upright & grand. Massive Price Reductions On Numerous Pianos! Many Major Piano Brands Included, All At Drastically Reduced Prices. Choose From An Enormous Selection Of New & Used, Upright & Grand Pianos Including: Yamaha | Ritmüller | Kawai | Knight and more! 0% Finance Available Competitive Leasing Packages New, Used & Reconditioned Prices from £300 to £120,000 Free UK... Read More


EPTA Trans Acoustic Event

Here at Rimmers Music, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting an event with EPTA, the European Piano Teachers Associationat our Bolton Store on the 26th January 2018. EPTA’s purpose is to raise the standard of piano teaching, performance and general musicianship. They seek to encourage greater opportunities for performance, the promotion of piano performance and more. The aims of EPTA is to promote excellence in piano teaching and performance, to bring teachers and performers together and to raise standards within the profession. We are very passionate... Read More


Top Tips For Recording Vocals

Recording vocals require precision and technique to ensure that the highest quality is achieved and your vocals sound the best they possibly can. It may feel overwhelming if you are just starting out with recording as there is such a wide vast of equipment available, however, you can easily make a significant difference to how your sound picks up and reciprocates in a recording. Achieving great vocal sound is now easier than ever as there is so much on the market that allows for studio quality sounds. With all that... Read More


London Boat Show 2018

From the 10-14th January 2018, our Rimmers Music Staff visited the world famous London Boat Show, which welcomed over 340 exhibitors and one of them was us, Rimmers Music! We had pianos featured at the boat show,on the Prestige boat stand we had a Yamaha DC3X PRO Disklavier Enspire Grand Piano, we also had the same piano in the Moët & Chandon vintage champagne area. On our own stand we had a Yamaha Clavinova CSP170 Digital Piano and also a Yamaha CVP 705 Digital Piano and also a Yamaha DC1X... Read More


We Buy Used Instruments and Part Exchange!

Here at Rimmers Music, we offer excellent part exchange prices and we also buy your old instruments! Do you have a musical instrument just sat collecting dust in your home? Is it no longer of use to you, or are you awaiting an upgrade? If so, then Rimmers Music is exactly what you need! Many of our customers come back to us on a regular basis to upgrade to a newer model or even to get a completely different instrument.  We are well known for offering the best possible prices... Read More


Rimmers Music Liverpool Store Target of Theft!

High spec guitars have been stolen from our Rimmers Music Liverpool store at Savoy House, Derby Road at approx 8:00 pm on Saturday 13th January. We regret to inform that our Liverpool Store has been the target of a theft, the thieves broke in through a 1st-floor window at the rear of the store causing damage to several doors and windows. They have stolen two high spec guitars, a Lakewood M 38CP retailing at £2245 and a Fender American Vintage retailing at £1919. The Lakewood M 38CP is an acoustic... Read More


It’s never too late to learn!

We all love the sound of music, don’t we? However, not many of us could pick up an instrument and start playing! This is where music lessons come in, they are a great opportunity for everyone, no matter what your age or your ability! You could have had some experience in the past, or none at all! Music lessons cater for absolutely everybody! Music is something that is never too late to learn, there are so many benefits that it would be silly not to start! Here is a list... Read More


The Complete Guide to Guitar Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of your guitar is crucial if you want to enjoy the maximum potential that your guitar can offer. If you choose to not look after your guitar then, unfortunately, it will eventually break, the quality of the sound will not be great and problems will arise one after the other.  Luckily, the maintenance of your guitar is not a difficult task to do so you can get started on it now! Cleaning the body of the guitar Every guitar deserves a thorough clean, it will not only... Read More


Fender Standard Strat?

Firstly, if you are wondering what a Fender Standard Strat is, to put it in simple terms it is a very special guitar. As the guitar comes from Fender, it has got a high standard to live up to, however to no surprise it does exactly that. The Fender Strat is a legendary guitar that many guitarists sought after, over the years legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and much more have used the guitar to create wonderful music. The standard strat delivers famous Fender tone and classic style,... Read More


Left-handed Guitar Buying Guide

Many left-handed guitarists use the wrong instrument for them, they use a right-handed guitar and flip it so the strings are the opposite way round so they can play with their dominant hand, you can get your tunes re-engineered so that you can play that guitar comfortably. However, it would save costs and time if you were to purchase a left-handed guitar which is built with you in mind, the strings are the right way round, you can play comfortably and confidently as all the components are in the right... Read More