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Yamaha CSP-295 Digital Piano & Managing Director Interview

Rimmer Music Managing Director Gary Tate & Senior Staff members Graham Blackledge & James are invited to Yamaha UK to get their first look at the latast Yamaha CSP200 Series. They are very impressed. Watch how they react when they get their first look at the fabulous Yamaha CSP-295 CSP Clavinova Smart Piano in our video below. To begin, Yamaha Product Specialist Paul Thirkettle decides to have a casual chat with Rimmers Music Managing Director Gary Tate to find out what makes him ‘tick’, what makes Rimmers Music so successful... Read More

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Yamaha P-145 Digital Piano – £50 Cashback Offer

We are happy to announce that Yamaha have a new campaign running to give you ‘Cashback’.Purchase a Yamaha P-145 Digital Piano from Rimmers Music between 24th Nov 2023 & 31st Jan 2024 and claim £50 cashback directly from Yamaha. Its very simple too! HOW TO OBTAIN THE CASHBACK IN 3 EASY STEPS Yamaha Cashback Claim Form: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/support/promotions/p-145-cashback-ir.html Purchase A Yamaha P-145 Here: https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/search/yamaha-p145

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Yamaha Genos 2 Event Edinburgh & Bolton Featuring Renowned Artist Peter Baartmans

Join us for an exclusive showcase of the latest and most exciting workstation from Yamaha, The Genos 2. Featuring a special evening performance by renowned artist Peter Baartmans. Experience the very latest cutting-edge technology and innovative features of Yamahas latest flagship workstation. Tue 28th November7:30pm at Village Hotel, 140 Crewe Rd S, Edinburgh EH4 2NY Wed 29th November7:30 PM at Worsley Park Hotel, Manchester M28 2QT What to Expect:Join us for an unforgettable night where Peter Baartmans will showcase his exceptional talent on the new Genos 2 keyboard. Whether you’re a music... Read More

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Yamaha Clavinova 40th Anniversary, £200 Off Selected Models

CLAVINOVA DIGITAL PIANOS TURN 40 AND WE WANT TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU! Yamaha’s Clavinova made its first debut all the way back in 1983. It was a groundbreaking moment that shifted the horizons of technology and music. The piano, an instrument that is a symbol of classical music, elegance, and refinery, was made digital, offering the experience of a grand piano with all of the perks of the digital world. And today, Yamaha is proud to call their latest Clavinova the best ever. To celebrate the 40th anniversary together, and... Read More


The History Of Lowden Guitars

Here at Rimmers we are very proud to sell Lowden Acoustic Guitars, one of the world’s finest acoustic guitar makers. Lowden and his team of skilled luthiers have built a reputation for hand-crafting beautiful instruments known for their tone, playability and design. Exceptional workmanship and assembly techniques combine to produce guitars like no other. Since its beginnings, Lowden Guitars have been adopted by a stream of acclaimed artists, including Eric Clapton, Richard Thompson and Kaki King. But where does this famed brand have its roots? This blog will take you... Read More


The History of Larrivee Guitars

At Rimmers Music we are very proud to stock a range of Larrivee Acoustic and Electro-acoustic Guitars. Their combination of world-class craftsmanship and solid wood construction makes for an instrument of unparalleled tone and quality. Founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1967 by master luthier Jean Larrivee, Larrivee Guitars has been producing boutique-quality acoustics for 40 years. They’ve now grown to produce a broad array of instruments, with the mission statement to put high-end guitars into the hands of the everyday musician. When you purchase a Larivee Guitar, you are following... Read More


D’Angelico Guitars Explained Blog

Today we’re talking about D’Angelico Guitars and what makes them one of the world’s most sought  after Electric Guitars. In this blog we will take a journey of discovery and by the end you’ll want to make your next electric guitar a D’Angelico from Rimmers Music.  Every D’Angelico that we sell gets photographed and listed on our website. A video is also done to accompany  every listing, so not only can you have a look at the actual guitar you will be purchasing but you also get to hear it... Read More


Lowden Guitars Explained

This blog is all about Lowden Acoustic Guitars and what makes them one of the worlds finest acoustic guitar makers. We will take a journey through the history of Lowden guitars, learn about how they’re made, what woods they use and why, what body shapes are available and why your next acoustic guitar should be a Lowden from Rimmers Music. Lowden guitars are  based in Downpatrick, County Down in Northern Ireland, George Lowden and his small team of highly skilled luthiers make some of the world’s most beautiful acoustic guitars.... Read More

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New Yamaha CVP-909 & CVP-905 Clavinova Announced | CVP-900 Series

Yamaha is a renowned brand when it comes to musical instruments, and its latest CVP900 series pianos have created quite a buzz in the music industry. These pianos combine advanced technology with top-notch craftsmanship to provide an exceptional playing experience. In this blog, we will discuss some of the features that make the Yamaha CVP900 series pianos stand out from the rest. The New Yamaha CVP-909 & CVP-905 look and sound amazing and give the player a fully immersive experience. Advanced TechnologyThe Yamaha CVP900 series pianos feature advanced technology that enhances... Read More

A Look Inside Our Bolton Rehearsal Rooms

Bolton Rehearsal Rooms Are you a musician looking for the perfect rehearsal space in Bolton? Then look no further than Rimmers Music! What is a Rehearsal Room? A music rehearsal space is a room or number of rooms dedicated to music-making. A dedicated music rehearsal space gives musicians the space to perfect their ensemble music-making, compositions and performance skills. Regular rehearsals disciplines the musicians, honing their music-making before performing in front of an audience. A good space enables and nurtures the music-making process. It should help musicians to feel comfortable, encouraging freedom... Read More