Why Go Digital? Piano Buyers Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a piano, it can at be a daunting task trying to decide on the type of piano you want. One of the main things to decide first is whether you want a digital or acoustic piano, and to help you decide we’re going to look at the benefits of each.Why Go Digital Blog Image 1

What’s the difference?

All pianos are in essence played the same way by pressing the black and white keys in order to make a sound, with the amount of time these notes last being altered through the use of pedals. Where acoustic and digital pianos differ is in the way in which these notes are generated from the piano. An acoustic piano has a series of strings inside, and when each key is pressed, a hammer falls onto a specific string which resonates through the soundboard creating  that note. A digital piano on the other hand has none of these internal mechanisms, and instead produces the note from a digital recording of an acoustic piano which is sent out through it’s built in speakers via it’s digital circuitry. Each type of piano has their own advantages over the other.

Advantages Of A Digital Piano

Depending on which digital piano you buy, they are all generally packed with a whole host of various features to suit different scenarios of playing and virtually all modern digital pianos have the following features:

  • Built in keyboard sounds such as organs, harpsichords and other similar instruments.
  • Sound samples of other instruments such as woodwind, strings and even percussion.
  • Never goes out of tune so piano tuning isn’t required.
  • Headphone input allows playing at any time of day or night.
  • Built in recording and MIDI features to communicate with other musical equipment.
  • Different rhythm accompaniment styles to play along with.
  • Lightweight, meaning easy portability.

If you’d like to discover some of the other features digital pianos can have, check out the wide variety we have online HERE

Advantages Of An Acoustic Piano

Acoustic pianos have been around for hundreds of years, and in that time manufacturers have refined their piano building to exceedingly high levels, meaning that the majority of pianos built today are of the highest quality. Things you can expect from a quality acoustic piano are:

  • A highly responsive key touch that is as yet unmatched & unrivalled.
  • Natural acoustic sounds resulting from the hammer striking the string for each key, which then reverberates through the piano’s soundboard.
  • Deep and rich overtones.
  • Beautiful and ageless styling, making them also highly desirable pieces of furniture.

It’s also worth mentioning that acoustic pianos can come as either an Upright Piano or the much larger but richer sound Grand Piano. Both varieties are available from us online HERE

We love both acoustic pianos & digital pianos. Digital pianos however are becoming ever more alluring as their sounds and feel continue to become more sophisticated. For now over 30 years, Yamaha have been edging towards ever closer replicas of their grand piano sounds and touch with their Clavinova range of digital pianos, utilising over 100 years of acoustic piano making experience. Whilst these top flagship models from Yamaha’s digital pianos are premium products, now and again we get some real bargains through in our part exchange scheme. For instance, our Wigan store currently has an exquisite Yamaha Clavinova CVP 509 in Rosewood which is now a fraction of the cost it once was.  You can see a full range of the features this fantastic digital piano has in the video below.

For more details on this particular digital piano CLICK HERE
Alternatively visit our Wigan store HERE
Or simply call 01942 234668 or email at wigan@rimmersmusic.co.uk
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