Yamaha Hybrid Pianos – What’s The Difference?

Amongst the many piano brands we stock amongst our stores, Yamaha are probably the most well-known for new technological additions to the acoustic piano. Whilst prestigious companies have their own take on hybrid pianos and player pianos, such as Kawai AnytimeX2 models, Steinway & Sons Spirio player pianos and even the Casio Grand Hybrid , Yamaha are perhaps the most prolific and well known for their Silent Pianos, TransAcoustic Pianos & their latest Enspire Disklavier range. A question we are often asked however is: “What’s the difference between Silent, TransAcoustic and Disklavier?”.

Yamaha Silent Pianos at Rimmers Music

As their name might suggest, in a nutshell Yamaha Silent Pianos can be played silently like a digital piano. Unlike a digital piano, these are in fact the same upright and grand acoustic pianos normally offered by Yamaha, but with the addition of the Silent System. Once activated, this allows the player to use the piano with headphones in silence to completely reduce the disturbance of others whilst practising with the added feature of piano sounds sampled from the flagship CFX. With the addition of app interactivity, USB connectivity and dual headphone sockets, Silent Pianos are a fantastic tool for both teaching and practising, making them a perfect fit for both students at home and professional performers alike.  This also extends to the record function which allows you to professionally record your own music pieces, as well as track your progress as you learn. Check out the full range of Silent Pianos HERE.

Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos at Rimmers Music

Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos are the next stage in piano technology, building upon the Silent range. Unlike Silent Pianos which require the use of headphones to hear the different pianos sounds and effects available, TransAcoustic models instead project their digital sounds from a tone generator using the acoustic soundboard of the piano as a loudspeaker. This means that the soundboard, body and most importantly strings of the piano resonate as they would during normal acoustic play, creating a truly natural playing & listening experience. These can also be overlaid with the live acoustic piano sound to create a mesmerising tonality that a purely digital piano simply doesn’t compare to. In addition to this, you can also find all of the headphone aided Silent play, recording and app interactivity of the Silent Pianos from Yamaha. You can view the TransAcoustic range HERE.

Both the Silent and TransAcoustic range are currently available to purchase with huge minimum part exchange discounts available as part of the Yamaha Upgrade Bonus scheme, which is available till 15th January 2017.

Yamaha Disklavier Enspire at Rimmers Music

Building upon the technologies from 25 years of player piano development, the Disklavier are first and foremost a player piano, which like the TransAcoustic range also features Silent technology for quiet practice. What sets the new Enspire Disklavier pianos apart from the current Silent and TransAcoustic models, as well as previous Disklavier pianos is that the sound module or brain if you will is now no longer externally visible on the piano. This makes them Yamaha’s most technologically advanced series of pianos to date, but without looking underneath you would think they were simply a normal acoustic piano. This also has the largest song library of any player piano, with songs and pieces from the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Jamie Cullum and Frederic Chui available for playback on a real acoustic piano in your home. The Enspire ST range is available on both selected Yamaha upright pianos as well as selected grand pianos and baby grands. The Enspire Pro range features the highest possible recording resolution and is available only on Yamaha Premium Pianos from within the CF range.

The new Disklavier Enspire pianos are proving to be hugely popular at our newly refurbished piano showroom in Bolton, so much so that we can’t get them in quick enough! We’ve already sold more of these pianos than any other UK piano dealer, which is a true testament to our commitment as one of a select number of Yamaha piano stockists to permanently offer Yamaha Premium Pianos.

For more information such as availability on these very special pianos, please call our Bolton store on 01204 526612 or email bolton@rimmersmusic.co.uk .

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