New Yamaha Clavinova CLP 600 Series!

Yamaha CLP 600 Series at Rimmers Music

Yamaha have announced a new update to their CLP range of Clavinova Digital Pianos at this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse. The new Yamaha CLP 600 series features 6 digital pianos in 6 different colours, all of which have an updated yet still traditionally styled body. You can see them all in one place HERE

The new CLP 600 series is the next step in a continual progression of improvements that Yamaha have been making to the more affordable end of their premium Clavinova range since the 1980’s, specifically from when they introduced the world’s first digital piano in 1983 with the YP-40. Naturally this rich history in the digital piano world means that Yamaha Clavinovas are often seen as the benchmark for other brands to measure against, and we’re sure the CLP 600 series will be no different. This is naturally helped by Yamaha’s 100 year history crafting acoustic pianos, the most sought after as which are sampled in the Clavinova digital pianos.


The new range features 6 different colour options throughout the models, with the return of old favourites Black, White and Polished Ebony, as well as new additions in the stylish Dark Walnut finish. The full list of colours are:


Similar to previous Clavinova ranges, the models range from the most affordable CLP 625 through to the CLP 685 which includes all singing and dancing. There’s also the CLP 665GP, which has the features of the higher spec CLP models, housed in a grand piano style body. Check out each model here:

GrandTouch & Ebony Keytops

The newly developed GrandTouch keys offer more responsive touch and a greater dynamic range than ever before, where you can experience a natural, balanced response from the tip to the very back of each key. Even after hours of practice, the highly absorbent materials prevent fingers from slipping whilst retaining the ideal texture and feel. The black keys on all keyboards of the new CLP-600 series are finished in ebony, whilst the animal friendly synthetic ivory key tops reproduce the tactile surface of the real ivory keyboards that were once used in older acoustic pianos.

Real grand piano tone

Two world-renowned concert grand pianos in one. The powerful tone of Yamaha’s flagship CFX Concert Grand (available at Rimmers Music Bolton), and the unmistakable sound of a Bösendorfer Imperial are available at the touch of a button. Additionally the CLP-685 also features the Yamaha C7 Studio Grand, and all models from the CLP-635 upwards include an Upright Piano voice.

Piano Room

Physical modelling techniques provide authentic reproductions of internal grand piano reverberations and offer rich, endlessly varying expressive capabilities. VRM reproduces the resonance characteristics of the strings for every note on the grand piano keyboard in nuanced detail.

Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)

The piano body of a Clavinova resonates just like an Acoustic Piano, enveloping the listener in sound like the reverberations of a grand piano. These phenomena are reproduced perfectly in the Clavinova through Yamaha Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) technology.

Larger Than Life Experience Through Headphones

Using their advanced binaural sampling technology, you can use even headphones to enjoy the sensation of playing a highly realistic concert grand piano. Yamaha’s advanced binaural sampling technology is now available on Clavinovas for the first time. Using samples from the CFX recorded with specialized microphones that capture locational information and other nuances discerned by the human ear, this technology results in a sound so natural, so enveloping, that you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing headphones at all.

Built-in Bluetooth audio

From the CLP 635 onwards, all of the new CLP’s can connect to your favourite music apps via their built in Bluetooth interface, allowing to play along with your favourite music!

To see and pre-order all of the brand new 600 series & to grab some bargains from the outgoing 500 series, click HERE

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