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Imagine a real piano that lets you play silently through headphones without disturbing others. Or a real piano with TransAcoustic technology so you can also control the volume of the instrument. Imagine real pianos that let you connect to the latest piano apps.

Meet the Silent and TransAcoustic upright and grand pianos from Yamaha.

Get up to £1,325 extra part exchange allowance when you trade in your old digital or acoustic piano for a new Yamaha Silent or TransAcoustic piano.

We’ll take in ANY digital or acoustic piano as part exchange for these pianos – regardless of condition! In addition to this, Rimmers Music will also accept any other instrument in any condition as part exchange for these fantastic pianos! So if you have an old flute, dusty guitar, non-function violin for example, we’ll still give you the full part-exchange bonus of up to £1,325 for one of these fantastic Silent or TransAcoustic pianos! Check out the following table to see how much discount we’re offering on each piano, as well as codes to use online! To use the discount code online, simply enter it into the discount code box when prompted during checkout.

Yamaha Silent Piano
Upgrade Bonus Discount Code
B Series £250 YAM250
P Series £425 YAM425
U/YUS/SU/SE Series £525 YAM525
GB/GC Series £600 YAM600
C1X/C2X/C3X Grands £775 YAM775
C5X/C6X/C7X/S4/S6 Premium Pianos £1,325 YAM1325
Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano
Upgrade Bonus Discount Code
U/YUS/SU/SE Series £700 YAM700
GB/GC Baby Grands £875 YAM875
C1X/C2X/C3X Grands £1,050 YAM1050

Why Choose Yamaha Silent or TransAcoustic Pianos?Yamaha Silent Pianos at Rimmers Music

In case you need any more reason to take advantage of our fantastic part exchange discount on Yamaha Silent Pianos,  here is top European Yamaha Piano demonstrator Bert Smorenberg running through the ground breaking Silent Pianos.

If a Silent Piano doesn’t quite have the range of functionality you need, Yamaha Transacoustic Pianos at Rimmers Musica Yamaha TransAcoustic blurs the lines between acoustic tone and digital capability even further. As an added bonus, there discounts we offer for TransAcoustic models are even bigger than the equivalent Silent Piano!  Check out this demonstration of the Yamaha U1 TransAcoustic, once again with Bert!

You Can Find All Yamaha Upgrade Bonus Models Here

Ask us in store for more information or call us on 01772 622111. Alternatively you can also email us at customerservice@rimmersmusic.co.uk

Offer available on selected models from 1st September 2017 to 15th January 2018

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