How To Reduce Feedback on a PA System

If you’re wondering what that annoying, squealing tone is when you are amplifying sound then that is what we call feedback! It usually happens when your microphone picks up on amplified sound and it is then fed through, re-amplified and then causes unwanted feedback.

So, what can you do to reduce the feedback on a PA system?

The main cause for feedback is the microphone, if you place your mic in front of your speaker – a frequency is created which then produces the high pitched howling sound – there are many ways that a microphone can cause unwanted feedback.

So to eliminate feedback, using a directional microphone will help as it will increase the amount of gain before feedback kicks in. When you are performing it is also best if you place the speakers towards the audience and away from the stage.

Another option to consider is to use a graphic equalizer to reduce the level of frequencies. How this works is that you bring up the system level until you hear feedback, then with the equalizer, pull down the offending frequency to roughly 3dB or the top end.

Using the proper gain setting technique will give you the clearest strongest signal, you want the best signal – to noise ratio so that the sound vocals are stronger than any other noise that may exist.

Regarding products, we recommend the Yamaha Stagepas PA Systems which is the ultimate all-in-one portable PA system. The Stagepas features two sleek, lightweight speakers and a powered mixer, along with a pair of speaker cables and a power cord – giving you an efficient, portable solution that can be set up easily and quickly.

The Stagepas is designed to offer high-quality sound – Yamaha combined new high-efficiency amplifiers, newly designed speakers and high-performance DSP – there are substantial improvements in sound quality and reliability.

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