Steinway & Sons, Essex and Boston Grand Pianos

Did you know that we proudly stock Steinway & Sons pianos here at Rimmers Music?

A little background information for you:

Steinway is dedicated to making the best pianos in the world, they are known for creating the finest handcrafted pianos for over 160 years. Each Steinway takes nearly a year to create due to the skills and carefully selected materials that are used to ensure that the pianos are always created to the Steinway standards.

The highest level of craftsmanship goes into the creation, providing a fulfilment of a long-lasting dream.

Boston Pianos

The Boston pianos are a Steinway creation that was introduced in 1992. They give you everything that you would expect to receive if you was purchasing a Steinway, apart from the very high price tag. Boston pianos utilize several Steinway elements, it was built to offer a more affordable mid-line piano.

The design and commitment gone into Boston Pianos set the standard of quality very high as you would expect, they have fantastic touch and sound characteristics. As a result of six years commitment in production, the design of the piano assures that nothing is lost in the playing of the piano.

Essex Pianos

The Essex Pianos that were introduced in 2006 completed the Steinway family. This piano is targeted towards beginners as the pricing creates an affordable Steinway option for the keen pianist. The quality of these pianos is unparalleled to anything else within the price range. The latest design and engineering has gone into the Essex, you are getting far more quality than what you paid for.

Due to the Steinway designed rim-shape, Essex grand pianos are wider at the tail than most of the other pianos. Due to the tapered shape, the piano provides more tonal volume as the larger soundboard area, produces a richer sound.

Owning a Steinway piano is like having a piece of fine art in your home, they are powerful, full of passion and cannot be matched. The Steinway is completely unique and the aesthetics are utterly beautiful, the pianos come with cutting-edge technology and a high reputation around the globe.

Browse our range and see for yourself just how truly beautiful the pianos from the Steinway family are.

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