Drum Kits great for beginners!

For any musician out there choosing your first instrument can really be a difficult decision – because it is the instrument that should inspire your musical journey and is also something you should feel comfortable with.

We have previously covered great guitars for beginners so now let’s move on to drums.

Below are drum kits that we would recommend to any aspiring drummers out there who are finding it difficult to find the perfect drum kit to get them started!

When it comes to drums, you have two options – do you want acoustic or electric?

You can either have a drum kit that gives you the real drumming experience and one that allows you to make as much noise as you want, or you want electric which is compact and allows you to practice without disturbing anybody! We all have different requirements when it comes to purchasing a new set of drums, so below we will suggest a variety that may suit your individual needs.

Top Electric Drum Kits

Roland TD1K

The Roland TD-1K blends a combination of superior sound, authentic feel and rugged durability to create the best electronic drum kit in the world, the V-Drum. The onboard training and recording functions are great for building your skills and checking your progress, while the 15 expressive drum kits enable you to explore many different playing styles. The TD-1K features a stylish, ergonomic design that will fit into any home, and has a height adjustable drum rack to accommodate any player.

An interesting feature with the TD-1k is that you have a mix-in jack that allows you to hook up your MP3 player or smartphone so you can jam along to your favourite songs. For the learners out there, you’ll really benefit from the tutorial features on board as they really help you get the most out of your practice time and help you develop technique.

Yamaha DTK400

For those who want a vast range of options and the ability to customise their kit, the Yamaha DTX400K is packed with some seriously impressive pads with space to upgrade and expand as well as 10 kits made up of 169 drum sounds that you can program to your needs. Straight out of the box you have 10 pre-loaded kits ready to go with some of the sounds actually sampled from Yamaha’s own acoustic kits, with accent articulation that responds beautifully to how you play it.

Yamaha DTX400K utilises Yamaha`s years of experience and expertise in building both acoustic and electronic drum kits, creating a totally new kit at a price point everyone can afford.

Top Acoustic Drum Kits

Mapex Tornado III 20 inch Fusion

Setting a new standard, the Mapex Tornado is stacked with new and revamped features including upgraded toms, bass and snare drum, plus a new lug and badge design as well as new telescopic bass drum spurs.

A new Mapex 200 Series Bass Drum Pedal is included, a simple pedal for starter drummers which features a double spring and felt beater. This kit also includes hi-hat and crash/ride cymbals, the perfect set up for beginners who need to develop their skills before discovering sounds.


Yamaha Rydeen 22″ Drum Kit

The Yamaha Rydeen 22″ Drum Kit takes its name from the God of Thunder and is designed to produce unrivalled quality and cost performance for aspiring drummers. Yamaha has 50 years of professional drum manufacturing experience and the Rydeen is a quality example of their outstanding standards. This entry level drum kit features 6 ply poplar shells, high-quality metal parts and genuine Yamaha hardware. The drum set includes a 22″ bass drum, 10″ and 12″ toms, and a 16″ floor tom with matching 14″ snare.

The Rydeen 22″ kit includes genuine Yamaha hardware for you to customise your setup and find the perfect configuration.


If you would like more recommendations then why not pop down to one of our stores where our knowledgeable staff can show you our products and give you advice on what would be a great drum kit for your own personal requirements!

Don’t forget we offer fantastic finance deals and part exchange, making your dream instrument more affordable!

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