How Important is Music Education In Schools?

Almost all of us enjoy music, whether we enjoy listening, playing or singing along – but have we ever studied music? Many schools miss out on this super interesting subject throughout education plans, not only is it enjoyable for students but it also comes with many benefits for both education and everyday life! Often times, teachers and parents themselves report that studying music teaches discipline, perseverance, and work ethic.

We find that the best benefits of musical education are:

Encourages Involvement

When it comes to the school curriculum, the basic studies like maths and English can become quite a challenge for students and also can be rather boring, however music can be a breath of fresh air for the students as it’s far more enjoyable! Music classes will motivate students and encourage them to involve themselves and this will then lead to the development of social skills and confidence which are also major benefits for the students.

A Sense of Achievement

When learning how to play pieces of music on new instruments, if the student has never done this before it can become quite challenging, but with practice and determination, it can become an achievable goal. Small steps make big changes, and when mastering the smallest goals, there will be a sense of achievement and the student will be able to feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Music is A Stress-Free Time

Schoo can become very stressful for students, there is a lot of pressure in many subject areas to ensure you are achieving the best grades, music can be a break from that and it can give you a fun hour or so to release any stress you may have built up inside! What better than rocking out on the drums to release any tension you may be feeling, or maybe listening to soothing music is more your thing, both of these are real stress busters!

Learn to Improve

Learning music encourages children to develop continuously and produce excellent work rather than ‘okay’ work. Students will begin to apply this throughout all subjects that they study, with an attitude for improvement every time. When learning music, we are improving every day and we are bound to make mistakes, that is how we get better! So with the right frame of mind, we will learn to get better every time!

If you love music lessons at school or you sadly don’t have the opportunity, why not take music lessons with us here at Rimmers Music with our highly knowledgeable music teachers who will encourage you to learn a new skill and improve weekly! We teach a variety of musical instruments for a wide genre of music! If you want to learn more why not visit our music school page, and see what we can offer you!

We love music and we hope you will too!

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