NEW Yamaha Products in 2019

What is NEW from Yamaha in 2019?

First up, we have the Arius YDP144 Digital Piano – the perfect option for students and hobbyists. It allows you to strive for musical perfection and really immerse yourself in the sounds that you create. The YDP 144 offers a grand piano-like experience, featuring the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand sound and the realistic Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard.

The YDP144 now features sounds never seen before in the YDP series, the flagship CFX is now carefully sampled, allowing an incredible playing experience. YDP144 is designed to deliver an authentic playing experience.

Designed to fit elegantly into your home, the YDP144 represents the traditional design of the acoustic piano, whilst delivering the technology of a digital piano.

The YDP164 is essentially the ‘big brother’ to the new YDP144 model, it features an upgraded keyboard action – Yamaha’s GH3 Graded Hammer Action. The YDP 164 features synthetic ivory keytops – which is very similar to what you would find on an acoustic piano.

When playing an acoustic piano, one end of the piano is heavier than the other – this is also featured on the YDp164 giving it that realistic touch, Compared to the YDP144, the 166 features an upgraded speaker system. 20 watt is on the YDP164 and the 144 has 8 watts, so you can really notice the difference.

Available in 4 colours, Rosewood, Satin White, Satin Black and White Ash.

The next available YDP in the series is the YDP S54, this model is very similar to the YDP 164 that is shown above. The difference in these pianos is the cabin design, they are more slim-line and this makes them ideal for space saving throughout your home or studio.

The S54 has an impressive range of sounds, again it features the famous CFX Concert Grand. This model has an upgraded speaker system, featuring 2 x 20-watt speakers, producing a full-bodied powerful sound. This model is available in satin black and white.

On to Yamaha N1X Avant Grand – the real grand piano experience in a simple, stylish package. The N1X captivates with the distinctive elegant curves of a majestic grand piano. The Avant Grand is Yamaha’s flagship digital hybrid piano range.

Combining both a traditional body, with advanced digital features. Raising standards in the industry. The N1X offers the best of both worlds, without compromising quality. Showcasing the incredible sounds of the world famous Bosendorfer Imperial and Yamaha’s own CFX concert grand pianos. The N1X is carefully made to serve you an incredible grand piano playing experience in an upright piano size.

The N1x is also compatible with the smart pianist app which is accessible via ios and Android.

The new PSR E360 blends into your living space beautifully and will become a part of the family. Available in 2 colour variations, the Dark Walnut and Maple.

Dark Walnut – the wood finish on the front panel gives a cam and gentle touch.

Maple – the warmth of the maple finish will give the perfect accent to your interior decor and lighten up the whole house.

PSR E360, it is easy to move around meaning you can take your keyboard almost anywhere and practice at any time. It is perfect for anyone in the early stages of learning, it features the ‘Y.E.S’ function which assists you with your independent learning.

All thanks to Yamaha’s Education Suite (Y.E.S), you can learn and develop in your own time and space. With the nine-step lesson function, you can assign, track and score tasks as you play. The nine stages are split into left, right and both handed tasks. Allowing you to comfortably develop each hand for melody and chords, before combining them to perform your pieces. The range of songs included in the PSR E360 includes varying difficulties for a whole range of classic tunes. So you can enhance your skills in your own time. Challenge yourself with the PSR E360!

With the new Yamaha releases on the market, there really are some fantastic new digital pianos and keyboards out there for everyone. New features have been added, improving the well-loved Yamaha instruments. Musicians of all levels can appreciate the new releases, with something for beginners through to experienced level – everyone can enjoy the new products.

Coming soon into our stores, the Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards will be available for you to trial and see which one works perfectly for you.

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