Kawai CL Series Digital Piano Review

Kawai CL piano series review.
We asked Manager and product specialist Andrew Lord at Rimmers Music Southport to review the Kawai CL range of pianos and he spent a bit of time on the Kawai cl36 review. It seems he was very impressed!
Heres what he told us…..
The CL range of digital pianos from Kawai are really eye catching in their  ultra compact design and build. You may think on first impressions that these pianos are not going to give a good overall sound, but when I sat down and played I was blown away by the really bright keen responsive full sound that this piano gave to me. The CL range offers great looks and sound to those people who live in modern  type accommodations and need that minimalistic unit to fit in, whether it be in a modern home a bedroom or office space.

This range has the Responsive Hammer action keys on board which really are great to play, I enjoyed the quick response and feel that this action gives. The key tops are finished off very well, again adding to the playing experience in absorbing fingertip moisture, allowing for a smooth playing experience. The sound source is the incomparable Kawai Ex grand piano sample, with Kawai’s progressive Harmonic Imagining 88 key sampling, the piano sound is full of harmonic colour yet warm and full of depth up and down the keyboard, it’s a sound I found myself playing on for quite a while before moving on to some of the other 15 equally great sounds that are on this piano.

As with virtually all Kawai models it has the built in Lesson feature allowing the budding pianist to practice pieces from the Acclaimed Alfred piano tutor series of books and Burgmuller pieces. There is also a 1 track recording feature which allows the budding pianist to record themselves and then stand back and listen to their performance, a really good way of self-improvement. Also with this feature, a more accomplished player can record either part of a piano duet into the piano and then play it back and playalong! – Great fun. If you are having lessons in your home the Kawai Cl36 also has the split keyboard four hands feature, allowing you and your tutor to play and practice on  the keyboard at the same time. There is also a Metronome built in to again help you with learning and keep you in time with your pieces.

Another great fun feature worth mentioning is the Concert Magic, allowing the non player to enjoy creating music on the piano, by selecting a song from the on board songs and playing Any key in time, creating music. The Kawai CL series pianos are available in a range of finishes,  satin black, satin white and traditional rosewood. The piano has 3 foot pedals sustain, dampener and sostenuto. The output of the piano is 2 x15 watts which really does give a full rich sound, really great for this size of piano. If you are pushed for space to place a piano in your home, the CL range from Kawai will fit the bill for you in many ways offering a compact size with a truly great sound and packed with extra features.

To view the Kawai CL range of Pianos click on the link below.



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