Learn About The New Yamaha DXR MKII Speaker Systems

Yamaha DXR MKII Speakers DXR8 mkII, DXR10 mkII, DXR12 mkII and DXR15 mkII
The Yamaha DXR Series has long signified a confluence of raw power and technological innovation that reliably harnesses and delivers impressively high output with superior quality and clarity. The New Yamaha DXR Series mkII powered speakers are the newly upgraded models of the series that add even more SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and feature a larger, yet lighter 1.75″ Neodymium HF (High-Frequency) compression driver for extremely clear voice reproduction and musicality. Once again the Yamaha team have worked in tight collaboration with touring loudspeaker specialists NEXO, adding crucial insight and expertise that led to design improvements based on the ever-evolving demands of sound reinforcement professionals. Whether for fixed applications, mobile live performances or whatever direction you want to take your sound, the Yamaha DXR Series mkII is up to the task, combining raw power with the now highly regarded  advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing ie the effects unit) functions for all the reliability and outstanding clarity you’ve come to expect from the DXR Series… only MORE!
Here is a video to hep you understand the technology behind these amazing powered speakers.

Yamaha ingenuity and NEXO expertise combine for a new lineup of DXRs
Improved Custom Designed Transducer

The larger and more accurate 1.75″ neodymium voice coil HF compression driver unit combines with the high-output LF unit (featuring a 2.5″ VC magnet for the DXR15mkII and DXR12mkII and 2″ VC for the DXR10mkII and DXR8mkII) delivering very powerful, welldefined, distortion-free sound.

High Efficiency 1100W Class-D Amplifiers
The DXR mkII’s high-performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing 1100W of power at a maximum SPL of up to 134dB delivered with outstanding clarity and accuracy. Ultra-Precise 48bit DSP Processing for High-Definition Sound- FIR-X Tuning™. All DXRmkII models feature Yamaha’s proprietary FIR-X tuning™ which utilises linear phase FIR filters for the crossover network. FIR-X tuning™ simultaneously optimizes frequency and phase response creating a very smooth response around the crossover point realising much better clarity and imaging than is possible with typical crossovers. All of the series’ tuning is a result of our collaboration with NEXO’s development team.

Intelligent Dynamic Control for Consistent Clarity at Any Output Level
D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that ensures powerful and consistent sound throughout all output levels. By constantly monitoring the output of multiple frequency bands and calculating the optimum EQ adjustments for each, even the maximum sound output maintains outstanding clarity and musicality—particularly important for the DXR Series mkII’s improved output performance. With two different settings (FOH/MAIN and MONITOR) D-CONTOUR provides detailed tuning of your sound regardless of the application.

Intelligent Onboard 3-Channel Mixer
The DXR Series mkII features a flexible onboard mixer with a variety of input, making it ideal for simple vocal/ instrument amplification setups.

Rigging Points for Standard Eye-Bolts and Optional U-Brackets
DXR Series mkII loudspeakers come equipped with rigging points, allowing for rigged application with standard eyebolts. When more versatility is required, optional U-brackets allow simple and easy rigging in both horizontal and vertical configurations.
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