Casio PXS1000 Review – Reasons To Buy

Casio PXS1000 Digital Piano – Portable – Mains Or Battery Powered – The Worlds Slimmest Piano

Casio’s PX S1000 Digital Piano. The world’s slimmest portable digital piano yet! Maintaining a legacy of revolutionary products, with groundbreaking technology. Casio is proud to deliver the smart and sophisticated PX S1000. Made clean and compact. Giving you portability, while maintaining quality. The lightweight digital piano is fully equipped with a range of innovative digital features. All to inspire your creativity, and serve you a dynamic playing experience.

Play anywhere with the PX S1000. The all-new battery power function allows you to take your piano, wherever you go. Connect to the ‘Chordana’ app to capture your music. The app detects your music and generates a music score and a piano roll notation, with an incredible visual aid. Slow the tempo, transpose the score, and play at your own pace with the lessons function.

Following a 15-year legacy of the iconic Privia digital piano series. Casio is proud to release the all-new PX S-1000. The worlds slimmest digital piano. Carefully made with all new incredible features. The PX-S1000 is beautifully made to complement all modern living spaces. With the most portable design, you can take your digital piano where you go. Easy to be placed in small spaces. In the home or studio. The PX-S1000 is faithfully designed to house the full range of 88 weighted keys. Finished with ebony and ivory textured keys. The PX-S1000 is carefully made to give you the most authentic playing experience.

The Casio PXS1000 is available in black or white finishes comes with a music rest (to put your music or tablet on) power supply and single sustain pedal foot-switch . There is also a nice matching wooden stand available and 3 pedal unit for an extra cost (or buy one of our bundles for additional items and saving)


Reasons To Buy A Casio PXS1000
1. Possibly the best value portable digital in it’s price point
2. World’s most compact 88 keys digital piano with speakers and most stylish appearance
3. Chordana app works with PX-S1000 & android or iOS devices – allows easy control with large screen to select sounds, edit sounds, perform layers & splits etc
4. Ivory/Ebony feel keys fully weighted keys – give authentic playing feel while many competitor products have plastic keys or non weighted
5. Adjustable string resonance, damper resonance and key on/off sample noise – allows you create your perfect piano
6. When selecting the sound you want, you hear a quick sample of the sound you have selected
7. Bluetooth audio connectivity – allows you play along with your favourite music wirelessly. Also perfect for people who use Youtube for learning. Trinity pop & rock and Rockschool syllabuses require you to play along with band backing tracks
8. For 2 layered sound you can specify the sustain pedal is only applied to layer one – for piano & strings you don’t end with a mush of sound
9. AIR sound chip gives incredible authentic sounding patches for its price point
10. Dual headphones jack – both teacher and pupil or child & parent can both hear the piano on separate headphones
11. Takes batteries – 6 x AA!!!!! Can take and play anywhere. Perfect for the classroom and buskers
12. Two ¼ jack outputs – allows connection to PA or keyboard for gigging/church/performance use – not found on P125 or FP-30
13. Optional SC-800 custom designed bag to protect the most portable piano when moving it around. Is splash proof, has two pockets specifically designed for the music rest & optional SP-34 3 pedal unit
14. Optional SP-34 3 pedal unit offers half pedalling

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