Korg B2, B2SP & B2N Digital Piano Review


KORG B2, B2SP & B2N Digital Piano Review – We explain the differences between these models!
Released in September 2019 following the huge success of the Korg B1 and Korg B1SP models, the new Korg B2, B2N and B2SP digital pianos have an new improved sound, speakers and features that make these models excellent value for money.

The Korg B2 and Korg B2N are built as portable digital pianos.
The difference between the models is the power from the speaker systems built into these models and a slight difference in the keyboard action and colours available. The Korg B2 has 2 x 15 Watt speakers and the Korg B2N has 2 x 9 Watt speakers. The B2 has an ’88 Key NH Natural Weighted Hammer Keyboard’ and the B2N has an ’88 Key NT Natural Touch Keyboard’. So the Korg B2 has a bit more power and a slightly better feeling keyboard to out it simply! The Korg B2 is available in black or white and the Korg B2N is black only. All the other functionality is the same, like sounds and polyphony etc. The Korg B2 and B2N come with a music rest, power supply and a single sustain pedal.

The Korg B2SP is a Korg B2 bundled together with a wooden stand and 3 pedal pedal-board set on a panel going the full length of the piano so that it looks like a home piano, but still allows the piano to be removed from the stand for portability. A matching wooden stand and 3 pedal unit are available to purchased separately for the B2 & B2N.

The Korg B2 is a new generation of digital piano from ‘KORG’ focused on accessibility and ease of use. Perfect as a first piano for a new player, they have paid special attention to the experience of playing a real piano. The B2 is packed with carefully selected sounds, starting with legendary grand pianos from around the world. Software and a variety of connectors come standard for a truly modern piano experience.

The Korg B2 is in a keyboard format and can be placed on a stand, the B2SP has an easily assembled stand and a three-pedal unit. The B2N features a light-touch 88-note keyboard. This three-model lineup gives users the ability to pick the perfect piano for their needs. It is a piano for anyone from beginners to seasoned players looking for something comfortable to practice on.

New piano sound engine with 12 carefully selected sounds.

The B2 provides a total of 12 sounds that cover a diverse range of genres, starting with five pristine piano sounds from its new piano engine, and also providing richly distinctive electric piano, organ, harpsichord, and strings.

German piano
This world-famous German-made piano is beloved by countless pianists for its diverse range of expressive power. With stunning sonic dynamism and vibrance, its palette ranges from brilliant highs to chillingly detailed lows. The provided sounds include the majestic “German concert piano” and a “Classic piano” noted for its delicate and complex tone.

Italian piano
An Italian-made piano with beautifully bright expression and satisfying sustain. Pianists around the world are enraptured by its rich resonance and sensitive responsiveness. The sounds provided are “Italian concert piano,” a bright-toned “Jazz piano,” and a beautifully resonant “Ballad piano.”

Electric piano
An e-piano that reproduces the differences in tone that arise from your playing dynamics and even simulates the sound of a key-off. Conjure electric piano sounds that are instantly recognizable from decades of great music.

Sounds appropriate for rock and jazz are provided, as well as the sublime sound of a real recorded pipe organ.

Keyboard that reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano.
The Korg B2(B2SP) uses a Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard that reproduces the same feel that results from the hammers on a real acoustic piano, where the low register is heavier and the high register is lighter. The key-bed is sensitive and responds to nuanced touch at the tip of your fingers.

Equipped with versatile i/o for a range of connectivity.
The B2 provides connectors that allow using the instrument in conjunction with a variety of software and music hardware. This opens new possibilities for enjoying a digital piano that helps users create great music.

You can use a USB cable* to connect this instrument’s USB port to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and use the B2 as a MIDI keyboard to play an external sound module. Your performance on the B2 can be recorded as music data on your smartphone, and sound from your smartphone can be heard through the speakers of the B2.
*USB cable sold separately for connection to your PC, and a USB cable + Lightning-USB camera adaptor (both sold separately) for connection to your iPhone or iPad.

By connecting your smartphone’s headphone jack or your music player, you can output your favorite music through the speakers of the B2 and enjoy playing along. Even when you’re not playing the piano, you can use the B2 as a home speaker system for enjoying music.

The B2 is the perfect platform for piano practice and performance. For even more serious players, we recommend the B2SP which also packages a stand and a three-pedal unit as standard.

The Korg B2N, which is equipped with the same functionality as the B2 but features a lighter-touch keyboard. Select the model that fits your playing style. A full range of options such as the dedicated STB1 stand for the B2/B2N and the PU-2 three-pedal unit are also available.

Here is a chart showing the differences between the old Korg B1 and the new Korg B2, B2N and B2SP Digital Pianos.

Here is a Korg B2 Video Demonstration for you to watch


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