Best Pianos For Beginners

Roland Pianos Are For Everyone!

If you have arrived on this page, it is most likely because you or someone you know is looking at starting to learn the piano. Luckily for you, there has never been a better time to start your search for your first piano. Digital pianos offer you the ability to play with headphones and apps, along with never having to tune or maintain them. In this blog we will be going over the entry level Roland pianos – as these pianos have all the features you need to start (and keep) you going, such as individually weighted keys, Bluetooth MIDI and more. All the pianos that we will talk about feature the SuperNATURAL sound engine – where Roland use a hybrid of samples and modelling to provide an expressive and responsive sound.

Things to look out for:

  • 88 full sized weighted keys (to develop the correct technique)
  • Bluetooth (for use with learning apps)
  • Sound (expressive sound will keep you engrossed)

Roland FP10

Roland FP10 – Slim – Lightweight – Weighted Keys – Portable

The FP10 is Roland’s entry level portable piano. With 15 sounds, Bluetooth MIDI, individually weighted keys and a compact shell – there is no better product at this price-point. It comes with a sustain pedal and is available with a stand – meaning you could have this permanently in one place in your home or move it around if that better suits. Use your Android or iOS device wirelessly with apps such as GarageBand, Simply Piano, Skoove and Roland’s own Piano Partner 2 app.

Roland FP30

Roland FP30 – Weighted Keys – Bluetooth Connectivity – Can Use With 3 pedals

Just up from the FP10, the FP30 really packs a punch when it comes to sound and functionality. With the same key action as the FP10, what sets the FP30 apart is 20 extra sounds, better speakers, and an easier to use interface. You can also connect 3 pedals to the FP30, meaning that you are able to use all those included on an acoustic piano. With the stand and pedal board, the FP30 can look nice and permanent in your home, while remaining very portable. The improved speakers give you a sound with added depth and warmth. You can also plug 2 sets of headphones in at once, making silent lessons possible.

Roland RP102

Roland RP102 -Quality Cabinet Design – 300 Sounds – Compact Size

The RP102 is Roland’s entry level cabinet piano. With a very basic user interface, it is convenient that you can connect your smartphone wirelessly to have full control over the piano through the Piano Partner 2 app. Metronome, recording and rhythms are just a few things you have access to via the app. The cabinet itself is still compact, meaning that you can get the traditional look of a piano, without taking up too much space. Once you have connected the app, you unlock over 300 sounds – giving you plenty to explore different genres.

Roland RP501R/F140R

Roland RP501R – Quality Sound – Powerful Speakers – Expressive Keyboard

If sound quality is important to you, look no further than the RP501R or F140R. Though they look very different, the specs on these two models are the same – meaning all you need to do is choose your style and colour – easy! With powerful speakers supporting the expressive SuperNATURAL sound, these pianos really pack a punch. Being the first models available with a screen, you can navigate through menus much easier than with the previous models. Rhythms and over 300 sounds are built into these two pianos, meaning you can let creativity flow without having to connect to the app (though you still can)!

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