Can you spot the carol-hating kid in less than 3 minutes?

As Christmas is on the horizon, we have created a tricky brainteaser to get our customers in the spirit for the festive season.

The brainteaser depicts a bustling festive scene where the Christmas spirit is clearly in the air – but there’s one person who isn’t feeling so merry…

Hidden within the jolly, layered-up locals is one little boy who can’t stand the carol singers. Covering his ears with his mittens, this carol-hating kid has hidden away to try and block out the “fa-la-la-la-las” and get some peace and quiet. 

Can you spot the carol-hating kid in under 3 minutes? 

Not only is the puzzle a bit of festive fun for our customers, but it also acknowledges the love/hate attitudes towards Christmas songs. A survey that we conducted revealed Britain’s most hated Christmas songs – with Mary’s Boy Child coming in top, followed by 2000 Miles

Cathy Tate commented on the brainteaser:

“We hope the brainteaser will spread some Christmas magic in the run up to December 25th, and provide some entertainment for readers during the second lockdown.”

“If there is one silver lining from 2020, it’s that in lockdown we’ve seen more Brits than ever picking up an instrument for the first time. Whatever your stance on Christmas songs, we hope that music can help brighten the rest of your year in some way, shape or form.” 

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