Roland FP-X Piano Series: Everything you need to know before you buy

Blending simple designs with cutting-edge technology, Roland pianos have long been favourites in homes around the world. Now with the launch of the new FP-X series, it’s a move that represents a fresh generation of music lovers. Experience four new models that are suitable for every budget, from the entry-level FP-10 to the flagship FP-90X which makes use of Roland’s acclaimed piano technology. 

Since its founding in 1972, Roland’s pursuit of the ultimate electronic piano has paid dividends. Back then, the technology didn’t exist so they had to build it themselves from scratch. Over the years they’ve never compromised on quality – to the point that today they’ve been able to refine the touch and sound of their pianos, catering to world-class performers. 

Why you should buy a Roland FP-X piano

As one of the most technologically advanced pianos in circulation, the Roland FP-X piano series is at the cutting edge of music. Combining state-of-the-art features with premium designs, it’s a series that’s won the hearts of musicians across the globe. But what is it that sets Roland pianos apart from the rest?

Unbeatable performance

Don’t compromise on performance with the FP-X series. The portable design has all the benefits of a grand piano but with none of the drawbacks. Enjoy making music on the move with one of their most advanced models to date. Featuring Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano technology and PHA-4 Standard keyboard, there’s plenty to love here.

Extreme versatility

Take your music on tour and never compromise on sound thanks to the elegant design of the FP-X series piano. Each model benefits from a highly portable cabinet design, making it the series of choice for performing musicians. Starting with the ultra-slim FP-10 to the high-end FP-90x, each instrument is non-intrusive and can be stored away easily when not in use. When you’re ready to play, simply expand the piano for upright performance and start playing.

Cutting-edge technology

One of the most impressive features of the Roland FP-X series is its use of technology. These streamlined, portable designs are packed full of modern parts – including the Roland BMC Chip (Behaviour Modelling Core) that delivers a superior sound. They also take advantage of great connectivity, as you can play your music through your phone and share it seamlessly.

Find the right FP-X piano for you

With so many digital pianos to choose from, finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. The ‘best’ piano out there doesn’t always mean the most expensive or popular, but rather one that suits your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an absolute beginner, understanding the subtle differences between each model can make the difference.

With so may Roland pianos to choose from, we’ve made the decision easier for you:


The Roland FP-30X

Replacing the ever-popular FP-30 model, the FP-30X is a truly excellent upgrade at an unbeatable price. It’s a model that represents the sweet spot of the FP-X series, in that it combines a competitive price with a performance befitting any budding musician. This model features an enhanced specification which suits players looking to learn and gig, while its powerful internal speakers deliver some of the best sounds around.

Is the Roland FP-30X piano right for me?

  • Suitability – Beginners
  • Price – £
  • Sound engine – SuperNATURAL Piano
  • Weight – 14.8kg
  • Speakers – 11W x 2
  • Sounds – 56 (12 piano)
  • 30 built-in songs for learning with the free Roland app
  • Bluetooth connectivity for audio, MIDI and free app compatibility

Interested? Shop the FP-30X range here.


The Roland FP-60X

Expanding on the FP-30X’s solid foundations, the FP-60X piano delivers a serious performance at a fraction of the cost. Packed full with a heap of additional premium features including 350 onboard sounds from Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine, it makes for a more immersive playing experience. Featuring various stands and pedalboards, this piano is extremely flexible and great for performers of all levels.

Is the Roland FP-60X piano right for me?

  • Suitability – Intermediate
  • Price – ££
  • Sound engine – SuperNATURAL Piano
  • Weight – 19.3kg
  • Speakers – 13W x 2
  • Sounds – 93 (16 piano)
  • Powerful built-in speakers, great for rehearsing and writing
  • Bluetooth connectivity 

Interested? Shop the FP-60X range here.


The Roland FP-90X

The FP-90X is the best-in-class performer of this series, as it takes things to a completely different level. Making use of Roland’s acclaimed piano technology, it’s the ultimate hybrid of stage and home pianos. Featuring PureAcoustic Piano Modeling as well as a four-speaker sound system, it delivers a clear and intimate performance every time. There simply isn’t a better portable piano around. 

Is the Roland FP-90X piano right for me?

  • Suitability – Professionals
  • Price – £££
  • Sound engine – SuperNATURAL Piano
  • Weight – 19.3kg
  • Speakers – 13W x 2
  • Sounds – 93 (16 piano)
  • 350 onboard sounds from Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • 1/4“ microphone input for singing

Interested? Shop the FP-90X range here.

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