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KORG’s UK synth evangelists Luke and Andy dive a little deeper into the new KORG NAUTILUS workstation.
As you will see here this is a streamlined version of KORG’s flagship industry-leading KRONOS, with new sounds to explore, from essential to experimental and cutting edge.

The front panel is re-imagined with the live player in mind and all their favourite functions are still there, from Set List to Smooth Sound Transitions and 16-part COMBIs incorporating the unique nine dedicated sound engines. The true power of a workstation is still there with full sampling capability, 32 track (16 audio, 16 MIDI) sequencing, and a powerful effects section giving producers the tools they need to refine their mix. With all of this technology combined, the NAUTILUS is the most powerful workstation in its class.

Here we have an image of the Korg Nautilus 61 Key version

Korg Nautilus 61 Keys

Reasons To By A Korg Nautilus
The Korg Nautilus is an amazing synth that will completely exceed all your expectations. It has an incredible amount of power that will simply bow your mind! Korg are always striving to make something unique and more powerful with easy operation. They have the gigging musician in mind together with the home enthusiast and studio musician with this new Korg Nautilus range and I think have achieved what many other manufacturers have failed to do. A workstation that can ‘do it all’. From the easy operation, live controllers and memories setting for the gigging musician to easy operation and sequencing, its just a fabulous instrument. The sound engine is beautiful and the key action is nice and responsive. The 88 key version is a fully weighted key action fro the pianists that play and prefer a hammer action feel. The 7 inch full colour screen is easy to see and very responsive too! I have made a list here of the reasons you should buy a Korg Nautilus.
I hope it helps you…
1. Kronos Technology –
The Korg Nautilus is packed with loads of the powerful engine of the legendary Korg Kronos range, with a few twists and updates along the way.
2. Program – Combi – Sequence Mode – They are all here as they have been on Korg Workstation for many years, making the transition simple from an operating point of view.
3. Set List – Pro -Musicians love this feature, making it easy to create your ‘gig’ sets and even colour code them too.
4. Knobs that Push in – Heres a great feature. The live controller knobs can be pushed into the keyboard. This is great for two things, one is that you can reduce risk of damaging the knobs when moving around; and two, you can lock them in place so you do not catch them when you have the exacr setting you want – Smple but great feature.
5. Dynamic Control (New) – This controller can adjust the dynamics of the keyboard live. Ie change the amount of pressure for full volume. Really handy if you want to give your part a lift for a solo for example and then calm down to backing keyboard – Another great idea for Korg!
6. Octave Shift Controller (New) – For what I think is the first time, Korg have added an easy octave shift controller to the controllers so its easy to do live or at least find it easily when you want it.
7. Quick Access Buttons – Programmable buttons on the keyboard that you can decide the function of; such as start/stop for the drum tracks, or go to particular pages etc. These will be very useful to you.
8. Available in 61, 73 & 88 Key Versions – The 88 key version is a fully weighted hammer action key feel. The other two models are the usual great Korg keyboard feel.
9. New Sounds – There are some completely new sounds on this model that have easy editable features, such as pianos sounds whereby the room ambience is adjustable separately to the internal piano sound and much more. The sounds are amazing.
10. 7 Inch Colour Screen – Very clear, very responsive 7 inch touch screen.
11. Drum Track/Arpeggiator – Fantastic real sounding drum tracks you can use together with a synced arpeggiator with many variations.
12. Nine Engines – With nine powerful engines in this workstation it has the power to do it! Whether its sequencing, using the enormous effects unit or wave emulations it will not let you down.
13. Organ Sounds – Probably the best recreation of organ sounds and ‘leslie’ speaker simulator I have ever heard, with full drawbar functionality on screen too; the classical organs and others are excellent with beautiful effects for reverb and more.
14. Emulate Wave Sequencing – Create some amazing pulsing sounds and sync with your drum tracks.
15. Poly Synth Sounds & More – Incredible synth sounds that can take you bck to the 80’s nd beyond.
16. Combi Settings – Set up and lock in your favourite sound mixes and drum tracks to memories with easy recall.
17. Sequencer: 16 MIDI & 16 Audio Tracks – You have 16 MIDI sequencer tracks and also 16 audio track as that you mix together to be as creative as you want to be

Here we have an image of the Korg Nautilus 73 Key version

Korg Nautilus 73 Keys

I think the Korg Nautilus is quite simply one of the best synth workstations I have ever seen. This is a ‘must buy’ for all Korg fans, and anyone who is considering a workstation synth. The sounds are fantastic and the features are incredible. You need one, get yours on order from Rimmers Music today!
Graham Blackledge – Rimmers Music

Here we have an image of the Korg Nautilus 88 Weighted Key version

Korg Nautilus 88 Weighed Keys

View the range, details and prices: HERE

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