Yamaha Home Digital Piano Ranges – Graham Blackledge Explains The Differences!

In this video presentation Graham Blackledge explains the differences between the Yamaha Home Digital Piano ranges and models.

Graham explains the differences between the Yamaha Arius YDP, Yamaha YDPS, Yamaha CLP Clavinova, Yamaha CSP (Clavinova Smart Pianos), Yamaha CVP (Clavinova Versatile Pianos) & Yamaha AvantGrand models too!

In this video you learn about the differences between the Yamaha YDP-145 & Yamaha YDP-165 compared to the Yamaha YDPS35 & YDPS55 for example. He explains the entire Clavinova range such as the Yamaha CLP725, CLP735, CLP775 & Yamaha CLP785 and exactly what you get if you spend more, or get a higher model. You will learn what features Yamaha CSP170 piano can give you and what makes the Yamaha CVP809 better.

Graham explains to you in easy to understand terminology what happens when you spend more and what the advantages are for each model and range, all the way up to the Yamaha AvantGrand models like the Yamaha NU1X & Yamaha N1X that have real acoustic piano actions inside them!

In addition to this video presentation if you browse the models on our Rimmers Music website we have images, video demonstrations and full text details.

‘I have made this video explaining the Yamaha home digital piano ranges to guide people through the models, to hopefully help them get a good understanding of what makes one model different or better than another, I hope they find it useful and get their next piano from ‘Rimmers Music’ as we are here to help too!’ – Graham Blackledge Rimmers Music


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