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Yamaha Reface CS

The Yamaha Reface CS takes inspiration from the legendary CS80 and other CS Control Synthesizers and packs it into a mini – yet still very playable – portable synthesizer. It sounds huge, is great fun and very usable at home, on stage, in the studio, on the bus, in a café, on the beach… With the legendary Yamaha Control Synthesizer series, introduced in 1976, music history was written by artists like Vangelis, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. In keeping with tradition, the reface CS unites simple handling and creative sounds... Read More


Drum Kits great for beginners!

For any musician out there choosing your first instrument can really be a difficult decision – because it is the instrument that should inspire your musical journey and is also something you should feel comfortable with. We have previously covered great guitars for beginners so now let’s move on to drums. Below are drum kits that we would recommend to any aspiring drummers out there who are finding it difficult to find the perfect drum kit to get them started! When it comes to drums, you have two options –... Read More


Starter Acoustic Guitars

Looking for your first acoustic guitar? Well, we all start somewhere and this post is to guide you through the process of purchasing the perfect guitar. There are hundreds of guitars out there that all do different things so we understand how daunting it can be. Well let’s start with starter packs, these are a perfect starting place because not only do you save money but you also getting everything you need in one place which takes away the complexity of having to shop around for extras. Here are a... Read More


Best Beginner Instruments for All

We have touched on why we think music lessons are great before, you can read about that here. Just to recap, we think learning to play is such a rewarding experience, for both children and adults as it builds confidence and a new skill set. Throughout music we express creativity and it allows us to explore our creative side. As we have covered why we think learning is great, now we will cover what instruments are great for beginners. But the most important part is the instrument that inspires you... Read More


Midi Controller vs Keyboard

When it comes to choosing a midi controller or a keyboard, there are many things to consider, you probably have numerous questions regarding the pros & cons, what they can do, the price, quality and so on. So let’s cover exactly that! A midi controller is just a keyboard that transmits and receives midi information, there are no sounds built into a controller, therefore, you will need an external source for sounds – if you connect to a computer to edit you will then be able to use software to... Read More


Sigma Guitars

Sigma is well-regarded as some of the best value-for-money acoustic guitars on the market and they cater for beginners through to pro players who need a guitar for gigging. Sigma guitars have outstanding quality in both construction and sound, for over 40 years Sigma has remained at the top of their field. They produce many different styles and body, whether you want the ultimate gigging dreadnought or a pickup-on-board, Sigma will have something in their range. The guitars capture the look of American folk guitars, which look incredible. Resonators –... Read More


Why do Roland electric drum kits have mesh skins?

We recently covered why Yamaha uses rubber drum pads on their electric kits, this week we will cover why Roland use mesh skins on their pads. So the benefits of using mesh skins and the reasons why Roland use them: Realistic When you use a traditional drum kit and then an electric drum kit, there is usually a significant difference in the feel – however, with mesh skins, they are remarkably similar to traditional drum heads due to the give and rebound. Sensitivity Mesh head controllers offer a wide range... Read More


Focusrite Home Recording

Focusrite has everything you need to make studio-quality recordings from home. Focusrite is one of the biggest names in home recording right now, with their Scarlett series of audio interfaces being the number one selling audio interfaces worldwide. The Scarlett Solo Studio features headphones, the Scarlett 2i2 and the microphone which comes with a cable. The audio interface delivers all of the core elements you need to record your best performance and although compact it still delivers fantastic sound quality and digital conversion. The 2nd Gen interfaces have lower latency... Read More


Line 6 Spider Amps

  The Line 6 Spider Amps were created for the modern guitarist, they are packed with tone and are ready for you to plug in and start rocking with. The amps are filled with innovative features that all modern guitarists crave – who wouldn’t want an incredible amp that provides you with defined sound, depth and clarity? Spider amps have sophisticated touch response, complex distortions and tube amp-style compression – capturing all that’s special about classic amps. With the spider range, you are getting a powerful, sought-after tone and feel... Read More


Fender GT100/GT200 Amps

Fender is well known for having the most influential amplifiers in history, and although there is plenty competition out there – Fender still remains number one with their cutting edge technology and the highest quality standards that are consistent – always. So let’s start by talking about the GT100 –   The Fender GT100 is part of a new wave of practice amps for guitarists, the amp has 47 effects on board that allow you to nail all your favourite tones with ease of playability. The amp has a single... Read More