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Yamaha’s Avant Grand Hybrid Piano

The Avant Grand range consists of Yamaha’s very top of the range and most prestigious digital pianos. These models include; N1, N1X, N2, and N3. These unbelievable instruments are designed to give you the flexibility and control of a digital piano while playing and feeling exactly the same as a Concert Grand Piano! Yes, the Avant Grand series are equipped with a real piano action… in fact over 5000 parts of Yamaha genuine piano action! Avant Grand, also known as Yamaha Hybrid Pianos, are packed full of great features including... Read More


Choosing The Right Reed For You and Your Clarinet

Quite an important choice for any wind player that uses reeds and one I hope to make easier, it should always be considered what level of skill the player has when Choosing the right clarinet reed, marry this with the correct mouthpiece and you have the basics for ensuring the student can progress and develop the skills needed for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Here at Rimmers, we get lots of questions about reeds, often from parents of children who want to know 3 things – what type, what brand... Read More


Top Tips When Selecting A Violin

To start off with learning to play the violin is tough, therefore selecting the right size is crucially important in offering the student all the encouragement and support they need. If the violin feels good, sounds good then the student is more likely to stay on course and develop the skills necessary that will benefit them all their playing lives, so it’s vitally important that the selection you make is well matched to the student. So as a parent/beginner you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed when choosing a violin for... Read More


Knowing Your Drum Sticks

If like myself you have stood before a stick rack at some point staring in confusion. Completely unsure which pair of sticks is right for you, or worse, you’re still doing it. Then this guide may help clarify a few things for you. Here are 5 things to look out for when trying to find the perfect pair. Wood Drumsticks commonly come in 3 different kinds of wood, maple, hickory, Japanese white oak or laminated birch. Each wood has a different feel. Each different wood reacts differently to the impact... Read More


Taking Care Of and Tuning Your Guitar

When your guitar has been used for a while it might be in need of some TLC. As well as a restring and a set up you can also use some great guitar cleaning products to assure your guitar is receiving the correct treatment. These products consist of lemon oil which you use when you take your strings off and put it on the neck. However, you would only use this on rosewood fingerboard as it is openly pawed, unlike maple fingerboards which are closed pawed. Guitar polish is the... Read More


Piano or Keyboard?

One important question to ask when looking for a new instrument is; do I want a piano or keyboard? Although the lines between the two can be somewhat blurred with some instruments being more of a hybrid rather than one or the other, there are some general rules on what sets the two apart. Generally, a keyboard is less than full length, most of the time having 76 or 61 keys and often these keys are spring-action rather than weighted. A keyboard is a rhythm-based instrument, meaning that it will... Read More


Your New Digital Piano – DIY Build vs Professional Installation

So you’ve finally decided to purchase your dream Digital Piano. Now you have another decision to make.. you see a lot of people believe that this sort of instrument will arrive into their local store as they view it, ie fully assembled with only the power cable needing to be plugged in. However in reality due to the distances travelled from the manufacturer coupled with the sheer quantities involved Digital Piano’s are effectively ‘flat packed’ ready to be assembled upon delivery to their destination. Digital Piano’s in our stores all... Read More


The Best Yamaha Pianos To Buy This Christmas

With Yuletide just around the corner, you might be wondering about what special gift to buy your friends and family. Maybe they’ve mentioned they would like to get back into playing piano like when they were younger; maybe they are just starting that new job with its heavy workload and need an escape; or maybe they are a professional player and looking for the latest upgrade. Whatever the situation, Rimmers has the perfect Yamaha piano for you! Let’s start out at the beginning, with some ideas for those looking to... Read More


Yamaha’s New SC2 Silent System

One of Yamaha’s fantastic innovations in acoustic pianos is their Silent System. This system allows the player to plug headphones into a real acoustic piano. When activated, the hammers stop hitting the strings and instead hit highly developed sensors which pick up the players movements and recreate them in a digital sound. This means that you are able to have an acoustic and digital piano in one instrument! Yamaha have recently released their new SC2 Silent System which has a number of improvements compared to the previous system. The most... Read More


Why Choose Yamaha?

When looking for a digital piano, Yamaha is a name that will appear time after time. A huge reason that they are regarded as one of the best is the fact that they make both digital and acoustic pianos, meaning that they can take the knowledge that they have in making real pianos and use this in the creation of their digital pianos. A prime example of this is the use of wooden keys in a number of their digital pianos. This very successfully recreates the feel of playing the... Read More