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What Is The Difference? CLP635 vs CLP645?

You are probably wondering what could possibly set these two pianos apart, they both come from the CP600 series right? Well, you have come to the right place as we are going to talk through the differences between the CLP635 and CLP645. There are a number of features that really set them apart, let’s take a look at them both below. CLP635 CLP645 Keyboard GH3X Action Natural Wood X Keyboard Voices & Rhythms 36 Voices 20 Rhythms 36 Voices 20 Rhythms Sound Enhancement Features Stereophonic Optimiser Binaural SamplingVirtual Resonance Modelling... Read More


Takamine Guitars

Takamine guitars started from small humble beginnings and are now a household name for acoustic guitars that are affordable and high quality, they have been on the market for around 56 years now. The aim of Takamine guitars is to combine modern technology with craftsmanship techniques to ensure that the finest details are incorporated. Takamine have various guitar bodies, each definied by the construction materials and specification which result in particular tonal qualities. Classical Body – Takamine Classical guitars are a tradition, the fan bracing and body shape deliver a clear tone and... Read More


Faith Guitars

Faith Guitars, founded in 2002 is a small team of passionate guitar experts, Faith is made only of solid tonewood in their Indonesian workshops. The most important part of an acoustic guitar is the top as this is essentially what shapes the instruments primary voice, as you can imagine the better the quality, the better the sound and projection. Faith guitars will either be made of solid spruce, cedar, mahogany or trembesi. Although we say the top of the guitar is incredibly important, that’s not to say that the back... Read More


Should I Buy a Yamaha P45 Or P125?

When it comes to purchasing a new instrument, you want to know all the ins and outs before you commit to making a very important purchase! There are many different qualities, that can set two slightly similar products apart and these can be what seal the deal when making your purchase! Certain aspects can be the icing on the cake when choosing which product to purchase. today we are going to talk through the differences and similarities between the P45 and P125 from Yamaha. Below we will go through the... Read More


Mackie Live Equipment

Mackie specialises in professional sound equipment which includes a wide range of products, including mixing consoles and a diverse speaker range. Over the years they have developed category-defining pro audio products. Mackie products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suits and many more diverse locations. Due to the products being so diverse, they are suitable for bands, producers and audio engineers! Thump Series Only Mackie Thump Powered Loudspeakers deliver the class-leading, chest-thumping low end you deserve. With 1000+ watts of power, you get the high... Read More


The Fantastic Yamaha CVP701

The Yamaha CVP701 is a fantastic, powerful and versatile digital piano. With the CVP 701, there is a variety of interactive music entertainment, education and performance features that make the CVP enjoyable for beginners as well as advanced players. The Clavinova CVP-701 accurately replicates the sound of two of the world’s finest grand pianos: Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand, and the highly acclaimed Model 290 Imperial from renowned Austrian piano manufacturer Bosendorfer. Both instruments have been tuned to perfection and expertly sampled by highly experienced technicians, allowing you to enjoy the... Read More


G&L Guitars

G&L Guitars offer incredible value with impressive quality and plenty of history. Leo Fender left Fender Guitars and set up G&L, bringing all of his knowledge and experience to his new company. Today the G&L factory continues production as Leo would have wanted. His private workshop, the centre of his creativity, remains untouched as it was on his last day and has been visited by music people from around the world. While the people of G&L continue to build the instruments with love, dedication and skill. World class artists have... Read More


We Love Fender!

Fender guitars are amongst the most iconic instruments in music, with over 70 years of experience manufacturing guitars – with a Fender you are guaranteed great build quality and a classic tone. There is a generous variety throughout Fender guitars, there is the famous Stratocaster which is usually the first choice for many guitarists and many famous legenfs, it has a wide selection of tones due to its three pickups. There is also the Telecaster that has increased reliability and resonance. Not only do Fender have a fantastic range of... Read More


Gretsch Guitars

Over the span of four generations, the Gretsch Company developed what came to be known as “That Great Gretsch Sound.” Gretsch guitars have always had the reputation of being a classy brand, their guitars are used all around the world by many famous faces. Gretsch have been around since 1883 producing banjos and drums, their knowledge over the decades have now made them some of the most sought-after vintage guitars in the world! Their guitars are popular in Blues, Jazz and Rockabilly styles of music. Gretsch guitars have got a... Read More


Yamaha Reface CS

The Yamaha Reface CS takes inspiration from the legendary CS80 and other CS Control Synthesizers and packs it into a mini – yet still very playable – portable synthesizer. It sounds huge, is great fun and very usable at home, on stage, in the studio, on the bus, in a café, on the beach… With the legendary Yamaha Control Synthesizer series, introduced in 1976, music history was written by artists like Vangelis, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. In keeping with tradition, the reface CS unites simple handling and creative sounds... Read More