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Kawai Pianos – K300 vs K500

Kawai Pianos are one of the top-selling piano brands in the UK, for over 40 years they have been architects of the modern piano, we are a very proud authorised dealer. Let’s talk about the K Series – they have always been very popular since they launched in 2014. Within the K Series, are two popular models,  the Kawai K300 upright piano and the Kawai K500 upright piano, each model has many similarities so it can make the purchase process quite challenging, however, there are subtle differences that set them apart so... Read More


Yamaha P515 – The best slimline Clavinova ever?

Many words have been written already in praise of the P515, Yamaha’s stunning new personal piano. It is worthy of all the positive column inches dedicated to it. As a portable piano, it has no equal. But I’d like to add a few words about the P515 from a different point of view. Rather than just thinking about P515 as a portable piano, the question I’d like to pose is this… Is it the best slimline Clavinova ever? Working in Edinburgh is such a joy. It’s a beautiful city and... Read More


Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Customers often ask what is the difference between an acoustic and electric guitar, before making their purchase. Our guide is here to help to answer any questions. Each guitar has many variations, with there being three different types to choose from you should know what sets them apart from one another. So, what do they have in common? The most obvious one is that they are stringed instruments, and in most cases, they are made up of 6 strings of metal.  In order to create a sound, these strings are plucked individually... Read More


Entry Level Instruments

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a very rewarding experience, but deciding on which instrument to purchase can be quite overwhelming, so we wanted to create a page on our website dedicated to helping you make that all important decision. Our NEW Beginner Packs page is the go-to destination for helping you make the decision, either for yourself or for somebody else! You can find it on our website here: Throughout the page, you can find something for everyone, ideal for children and adults – as we are... Read More


Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster

This is the perfect addition to any Eric Clapton fans guitar collection, a complete replica of his famous ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster! Featured on legendary songs such as, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘Wonderful Tonight’, ‘Lay Down Sally’, and many more! ‘Blackie’ was used by Eric almost exclusively on stage and in the studio from 1974-1985 and even appears on various live versions of ‘Layla’! In 2004, Eric’s ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster was sold for 850,000 USD at a Christie’s auction to support the Crossroads Centre and was the bid record for the world’s most... Read More


Which Acoustic Strings Should I Buy?

There are many different brands of acoustic guitar strings on the market, with something out there for all budgets. Acoustic guitar strings are bronze strings and then steel for the top 2. Acoustic guitar strings brands vary from D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin and Elixir. These brands are some of the top selections and offer some great guitar strings. D’Addario do standard bronze strings and include a variety of different gauges which is the thickness of the string. The lighter the strings are such as a pack of 10’s means that... Read More


Top 5 Pedals for Guitarists and How To Set Up Your Board

Once you start to get the ball rolling with your guitar playing, the hunger starts to kick in for more unique sounds. You may have learnt a few chords and licks, or mastered the classic clean verse to overdriven chorus song structure using your amps in-built distortion, but you want more than that! You want to test the boundaries. When it comes to guitar effects, the possibilities are endless and you have the ability to experiment with a variety of pedals. If you’re new to buying pedals it can be... Read More


Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone guitars are among some of the best you can get. They come in all different shapes and sizes in both acoustic and electric. The Les Paul shape, I would say are the most popular models and they come in various different models such as Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Pro and the Les Paul Custom Pro. The differences are mainly the difference in the pickups, the type of body, if it is solid or not and the hardware. The SG body style is also a very popular model and... Read More


Yamaha Clavinova: CLP, CVP or CSP?

Yamaha Clavinova is a well-known name when it comes to digital pianos, but many may not know that there are three different series under this name and what the differences between these are. The series that most people would think of when they hear “Clavinova” is the CLP series. Generally, these focus on having a very realistic piano touch and high-quality sounds while not necessarily having a huge amount of other features. As you move up the series, features are added such as Bluetooth and a number of different voices,... Read More


The Best Piano for Studying

When studying music at university, it is very helpful to have a piano of your own. Whether this is for practising for exams or for other courses such as composition or keyboard skills, it can be of huge benefit. I would say that the most common type of piano for students to buy is a portable digital piano such as a Yamaha P-45. This is because it features a full 88 key weighted keyboard, while still being reasonably lightweight and easy to carry. This is especially helpful if you are... Read More