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Sigma Guitars

Sigma guitars are great guitars; they are affordable and very well made. They are copies of Martin guitars for the most part however they also do very good copies of Taylors and Gibson acoustics as well. They have a wide variety of different models ranging from travel guitars, parlour guitars, cutaway semi-acoustics and dreadnought. The newest addition to the sigma range is the modern range series and they sound absolutely beautiful and feel great to play. They all have a cutaway body and feature a fish man flex plus pickup... Read More


Taking Care Of and Tuning Your Guitar

When your guitar has been used for a while it might be in need of some TLC. As well as a restring and a set up you can also use some great guitar cleaning products to assure your guitar is receiving the correct treatment. These products consist of lemon oil which you use when you take your strings off and put it on the neck. However, you would only use this on rosewood fingerboard as it is openly pawed, unlike maple fingerboards which are closed pawed. Guitar polish is the... Read More


Guitar Effects Pt 2

Effects can add a whole host of dynamics to your playing and also allow you to get more out of your instrument, as well as being fun to use and experiment with! Continuing onwards from our previous post on the types of guitar effects available, today we’re going to have a look at three more commonly used effects. In this second blog post, we will again break down some very popular guitar effects briefly detailing what they do as well as where you might have heard them before! Wah Wah:... Read More


Fender NEW Effects Pedals

The Engager Boost, Pelt and Full Moon Distortion pedals are available now. The Engager Boost The Fender Engager Boost is the perfect companion for any pedalboard that lacks power or players who want a little more volume during solos. The Fender Engager delivers up to 20dB of boost anywhere in your signal chain, ideal for increasing the volume of quiet sounding pedals or adding extra gain to distortion and overdrive pedals. What makes the Engager Boost stand out from other boost pedals is the addition of a 3-band EQ with... Read More


Guitar Effects

When you are creating music with your guitar, be it in the studio, your bedroom or at a rehearsal, you may find yourself looking to add something more to your sound.  A widespread ingredient to add more flavour to your playing would be the use of guitar effects. Effects can add a whole host of dynamics to your playing and also allow you to get more out of your instrument, as well as being fun to use and experiment with! In this short blog post, we will break down a... Read More


What Strings Should I Buy?

Buying a set of strings especially if you don’t know the differences between them can be a fairly confusing process. Strings are thicker gauges and thinner gauges. Different sets of strings are better for specific genres of music. For example, I use Ernie Ball, not even slinky’s which are great for heavy rock and heavy metal as they are heavy gauge strings. The gauge on the strings are 12-56 and you get a lot of tone from the heavy bottom string so all those chugs will sound brutal in your... Read More


What Guitar Amp Should I Buy?

When it comes to selecting a suitable amplifier for your electric guitar the range of choices can be initially confusing. With so many different amps on the market, how can you be sure that the one you want is going to be suitable for what you need? Well, to make it easier you should ask yourself a few questions: What will I be using it for? Bedroom practice? Home recording? rehearsals or live gigs? Bedroom amps are usually small and compact, easy to use and low in wattage. A popular... Read More


Restringing Your Electric Guitar?

Not as hard as it would seem?? Just take it slow and everything will fall into place. As I mentioned previously, get your tools ready, cleaning cloths to hand and if you like, a guitar wrest can be pretty helpful but not essential. Put a towel down on your work surface, even some paper towels just stop the guitar picking up any scratches. Give your guitar a once over at this point, check your jack socket, tighten if necessary, check both of your strap buttons, tighten if necessary. If you’re... Read More


What Are The Differences Between Hollow Body And Solid Body Guitars?

When it comes to selecting the instrument that suits you, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting a guitar that will be best suited to the styles you play. Below we go into a little detail about the differences between solid body and hollow body instruments. Let’s start with the obvious; Solid Body is exactly what it says on the tin! A solid piece of wood that only has slots cut into it for the hardware, like pickups and bridges.  Semi-Hollow and Hollow body guitars are as you... Read More


What Guitar Should I Buy For My Style?

When it comes to buying a new guitar there are so many different types to choose from and sometimes it can be a minefield to figure out what would be best suited to the style you play. First of all, is knowing the basic different types of electric guitar, You have the classic Strat and Les Paul style guitars and they are absolutely brilliant for a plethora of different styles from blues to soul and from pop to rock. The main difference between those two types of guitar is the... Read More