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The Complete Guide to Guitar Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of your guitar is crucial if you want to enjoy the maximum potential that your guitar can offer. If you choose to not look after your guitar then, unfortunately, it will eventually break, the quality of the sound will not be great and problems will arise one after the other.  Luckily, the maintenance of your guitar is not a difficult task to do so you can get started on it now! Cleaning the body of the guitar Every guitar deserves a thorough clean, it will not only... Read More


Fender Standard Strat?

Firstly, if you are wondering what a Fender Standard Strat is, to put it in simple terms it is a very special guitar. As the guitar comes from Fender, it has got a high standard to live up to, however to no surprise it does exactly that. The Fender Strat is a legendary guitar that many guitarists sought after, over the years legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and much more have used the guitar to create wonderful music. The standard strat delivers famous Fender tone and classic style,... Read More


Left-handed Guitar Buying Guide

Many left-handed guitarists use the wrong instrument for them, they use a right-handed guitar and flip it so the strings are the opposite way round so they can play with their dominant hand, you can get your tunes re-engineered so that you can play that guitar comfortably. However, it would save costs and time if you were to purchase a left-handed guitar which is built with you in mind, the strings are the right way round, you can play comfortably and confidently as all the components are in the right... Read More


Affordable Acoustic Guitars

When purchasing your acoustic guitar, there are many factors to consider before you make the purchase – but most importantly, the cost of your guitar can be one of the main factors to consider. An affordable guitar does not necessarily mean that the quality is low. There are so many models on the market that are highly sought after, popular guitars that prove that pricing does not affect the performance level. Whether you are after beginners acoustic or you just don’t fancy breaking the bank on a new guitar then... Read More


Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Whether you are a beginner at a young age, or you are an elderly person wanting to start playing the guitar – there will be something on the market to suit your style, ability and budget. There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes of electric guitars to choose from that it may seem rather daunting. In order to help, we’ve put together this electric guitar buying guide, which we hope will shed some light on the different things for you to be aware of when choosing your first... Read More


Why Taylor Guitars Are So Good

Taylor Guitars has grown into the worlds leading builder of premium acoustic guitars. They offer a wide range of body sizes and different tones of wood which ensures that there is a guitar for everyone. Taylor is known for providing rich, balanced tones whilst ensuring they have outstanding playability. Each guitar has unique features due to their tonewood and aesthetic detailing, not only do they provide high-quality guitars, they also provide left-handed guitars too. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or an experienced guitarist hoping for a... Read More


Electric, Acoustic, Classical?

When starting out you can choose any guitar you like, as when you have mastered the basics – you can switch around and play whichever one you like. However, if you are wanting to only play the one then it can be a tough decision to make, but when the decision is made you will be on the way to beginning your musical journey. Each guitar has many variations, with there being three different types to choose from you should know what sets them apart from one another. So, acoustic... Read More


How Different Woods Affect Your Acoustic Sound

When shopping for an acoustic guitar you will notice there are many different types of woods that you can choose from, you may not know that choosing a certain wood can alter the sound of your acoustic guitar. But what does each would do? Most of us aren’t wood experts, so what exactly do different woods have to do with the sound of an acoustic guitar? Tonewoods – which are the woods used to build acoustic guitars, have huge effects on the sound of an instrument. The woods all have... Read More


Why Do You Need A Line 6 Spider V Amp?

An amp for the modern guitarist, the everyday guitar player that wants a versatile amp. You may be gigging, in the studio, practising at home or just having fun in your garage – the spider range amps cover all of these areas. With every model of amp, you will receive amazing tone to ensure you get a powerful performance every time. With this range, you will never be short on inspiration, the amps will allow you to create unique tones that once you could only dream of. Not only do... Read More


How To Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills

Are you wanting to improve your guitar techniques? There is always room for improvement when playing an instrument, so the chances are you clicked on this blog because the answer is yes! As we are learning how to play an instrument we will pick up habits along the way that can cause our level of performance to slack. Therefore, you may be wondering if there a solution to this, and how do I improve the way I play? 1 – Record Yourself A great way to motivate yourself is by... Read More