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Starter Acoustic Guitars

Looking for your first acoustic guitar? Well, we all start somewhere and this post is to guide you through the process of purchasing the perfect guitar. There are hundreds of guitars out there that all do different things so we understand how daunting it can be. Well let’s start with starter packs, these are a perfect starting place because not only do you save money but you also getting everything you need in one place which takes away the complexity of having to shop around for extras. Here are a... Read More


Sigma Guitars

Sigma is well-regarded as some of the best value-for-money acoustic guitars on the market and they cater for beginners through to pro players who need a guitar for gigging. Sigma guitars have outstanding quality in both construction and sound, for over 40 years Sigma has remained at the top of their field. They produce many different styles and body, whether you want the ultimate gigging dreadnought or a pickup-on-board, Sigma will have something in their range. The guitars capture the look of American folk guitars, which look incredible. Resonators –... Read More


Line 6 Spider Amps

  The Line 6 Spider Amps were created for the modern guitarist, they are packed with tone and are ready for you to plug in and start rocking with. The amps are filled with innovative features that all modern guitarists crave – who wouldn’t want an incredible amp that provides you with defined sound, depth and clarity? Spider amps have sophisticated touch response, complex distortions and tube amp-style compression – capturing all that’s special about classic amps. With the spider range, you are getting a powerful, sought-after tone and feel... Read More


Fender GT100/GT200 Amps

Fender is well known for having the most influential amplifiers in history, and although there is plenty competition out there – Fender still remains number one with their cutting edge technology and the highest quality standards that are consistent – always. So let’s start by talking about the GT100 –   The Fender GT100 is part of a new wave of practice amps for guitarists, the amp has 47 effects on board that allow you to nail all your favourite tones with ease of playability. The amp has a single... Read More


Valencia Guitars

Valencia guitars are designed to provide students with excellent quality and value for money, whilst still being built to the highest standards. The Valencia Guitars was established in 1972, and the main aim then was to provide students with instruments that had ease of play and excellent quality, now four decades later the same attributes remain at the heart of the Valencia culture. Valencia is committed to producing the highest standards of production, ethics and integrity. Here are a few things from Valencia that represent what and who they are... Read More


Takamine Guitars – Why?

Takamine guitars started from small humble beginnings and are now a household name for acoustic guitars that are affordable and high quality. The aim of Takamine guitars is to combine modern technology with craftsmanship techniques to ensure that the finest details are incorporated. Takamine raise the bar when it comes to the acoustic guitar market, they set the standards high with the tone, quality and the craftsmanship – the Takamine guitars provide fantastic quality. The range of guitars is great for beginners, experienced players and everything in between. Let’s look... Read More


Epiphone Guitars…

Epiphone is well known for being the working musician’s favourite instrument maker as they provide affordable, excellent quality guitars and have done for over 140 years. Epiphone never stop pushing forward and improving their classic designs – they offer a history of great quality, innovation and a lifetime guarantee. Since 1873, Epiphone has made instruments for many genres of music, something for every player! Epiphone feature affordable versions of classic Gibson guitars, like the Epiphone Les Paul, Flying V and SG models, they also feature exclusive shapes like the Nighthawk... Read More


The Best Multi-effects Pedals for Guitarists

Multi-effect pedals are ideal for guitarists who want to experiment and create new sounds, there are a variety of effects including chorus, delay and distortion which make for great additions. The pedals produce a huge range of tones which allows for creativity and uniqueness. Using just your guitar and amp won’t give you the uniqueness that you are aiming for – the next step would be to include a multi-effects pedal. Roland has a great range available and below we will talk through the options and benefits of each one.... Read More

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The Complete Guide to Guitar Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of your guitar is crucial if you want to enjoy the maximum potential that your guitar can offer. If you choose to not look after your guitar then, unfortunately, it will eventually break, the quality of the sound will not be great and problems will arise one after the other.  Luckily, the maintenance of your guitar is not a difficult task to do so you can get started on it now! Cleaning the body of the guitar Every guitar deserves a thorough clean, it will not only... Read More


Fender Standard Strat?

Firstly, if you are wondering what a Fender Standard Strat is, to put it in simple terms it is a very special guitar. As the guitar comes from Fender, it has got a high standard to live up to, however to no surprise it does exactly that. The Fender Strat is a legendary guitar that many guitarists sought after, over the years legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and much more have used the guitar to create wonderful music. The standard strat delivers famous Fender tone and classic style,... Read More