Buyers Guides – Drums & Percussion

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Which Are The Best Musical Instruments for Kids?

Playing an instrument is not only fun for your child, but beneficial for their development. According to Dr Nina Kraus, a professor of communication sciences, playing an instrument can have positive effects for your child such as improved listening skills in the classroom, better social skills, confidence and patience. These benefits are even thought to last after your child stops playing an instrument.  Children are often very excited to pick up an instrument and begin learning. However, it is important that your children learn to play the best instrument for... Read More

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Choosing An Electric Drum Kit | Roland V- Drums Range Explained

In this blog we will help you choose an electronic Roland V-Drums kit to suit you, explaining the differences in the range. With the Roland V-Drums range of kits, you have a huge variety to choose from, this gives Roland a great advantage over many competitors. So you ask yourself – Which electronic kit is best for me? We will show you through the range to make an informed decision. Are you a lapsed drummer who misses playing? Or maybe someone who has always wanted to play drums but didn’t... Read More

Acoustic Drum Kit Vs Electric Drum Kit 28/03/2019

Differences Between Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits

Acoustic Or Electric Drum Kit! Which should you get? I will tell you a short story about my sons musical journey who is now 14 and a very keen drummer and this will hopefully help you decide which way to go….. My son at age 11 decided he wanted to be a “professional drummer in a band”, having been through piano, guitar and ukulele for a few months each, deciding they weren’t for him, as children do….swapping and changing!  After the “I won’t ask for anything else ever” line, I... Read More


Knowing Your Drum Sticks

If like myself you have stood before a stick rack at some point staring in confusion. Completely unsure which pair of sticks is right for you, or worse, you’re still doing it. Then this guide may help clarify a few things for you. Here are 5 things to look out for when trying to find the perfect pair. Wood Drumsticks commonly come in 3 different kinds of wood, maple, hickory, Japanese white oak or laminated birch. Each wood has a different feel. Each different wood reacts differently to the impact... Read More


Gifts For The Drummer In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner, are you looking for purchasing a gift for the drummer in your life and not quite sure what to get them? Then check out 5 perfect little gifts you can buy for the drummer in your life. #1 – Practice Tips No practice pad? No problem. With rubber practice tips you can just slip them onto the end of your drumsticks and BOOM. Every solid surface in arm’s length is now a practice spot. You can even run through some rudiments while the kettle... Read More


Helping To Understand Your Cymbals

It can be very daunting and confusing when you start out drumming when looking at full drum kits with different cymbals and drums coming out the wazoo! So here is a very brief introduction to some of the most popular cymbals used today. First of all, we’ll go through the 3 most popular cymbals seen on most drum kits, The Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride cymbals. The Hi-Hat cymbal is the smaller of the 3 seen on virtually every drum kit and is made up of 2 pieces, a top and... Read More


How Do I Choose Between Digital Or Acoustic Drum Kit?

In my experience, it completely depends on what you specifically want from your drums and your own personal preference. I myself am lucky enough to have both and sometimes spend more time picking which to play than actually playing. Firstly, I absolutely adore my acoustic drum kit. Still using my first drum kit bought for me from Rimmers Music, a beautiful Berkeley shell, Remo skins, Planet Z cymbals and a Stagg double bass pedal. Not only does this kit look the part, it sounds incredible. The give and response of... Read More

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The NEW Yamaha DTX402 Drums

BE A DRUMMER The moment you play the DTX is the moment you become a drummer. Let it be your inspiration and give instant expression to your impulses and creativity. DTX402 is the culmination of the commitment Yamaha makes as a drum manufacturer with excellent design and sound quality. EMPOWER YOURSELF Act on your motivation and unleash your boundless talent! The training function together with the dedicated free app makes practising more enjoyable and provides musical training, allowing you to immerse yourself in the limitless excitement of drumming. It comes as... Read More

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The New Roland TD-17 Electric Drum Kit

We really like the Roland TD-17 drum kit featuring an unrivalled playing feel, uncompromised sound and an instant connectivity with music for immediate enjoyment. The new TD-17 takes mid-range V-drums to the next level and is perfect for players who are ‘serious about drumming’ – you need a kit to match your ambition. The TD-17 allows you to really showcase your talents, with training tools to push you further and really explore your skills. Featuring new drum pads, premium tones, deep sample editing, USB connectivity, audio streaming and more. The... Read More


Drum Kits great for beginners!

For any musician out there choosing your first instrument can really be a difficult decision – because it is the instrument that should inspire your musical journey and is also something you should feel comfortable with. We have previously covered great guitars for beginners so now let’s move on to drums. Below are drum kits that we would recommend to any aspiring drummers out there who are finding it difficult to find the perfect drum kit to get them started! When it comes to drums, you have two options –... Read More