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Acoustic or Digital? 04/01/2018

Electric Vs Acoustic Drums

Out of the two, acoustic and electric drums – which one should you purchase? Which is the best to practice and play on? You need to break down the advantages and disadvantages of both instruments. Both drum kits have both, but it all depends on how you intend to use the kit and how you wish to progress. So, we will start with the acoustic drum kit – the more popular drum kit out of the two: Advantages Disadvantages Great feel and touch, no matter how hard you hit and... Read More


Why You Need A Yamaha Digital Drum Kit

If you’re a drummer, or you are thinking of starting out, then a Yamaha Digital Drum Kit is the perfect addition to you!  The Yamaha Drum Kits push for a modern drumming experience, they have more responsive pads that really bring your kit to life. If you want to create new, creative sounds then this is a great option for you! A very digital experience, if you are into your digital kits then what are you waiting for? Digital drum kits are compact and can also provide the player with... Read More

mapex drum kit guide 06/12/2017

Mapex Tornado Drum Kits – Buying Guide

Mapex drum kits range from affordable entry-level drum kits to professional more developed kits – we have drum kits to suit all budgets and experience levels. A Mapex Tornado Drum Kit is an acoustic kit, a UK Best Seller for beginners – this is not to say that it lacks anything regarding quality or value. Mapex kits are manufactured exclusively and are built to a high level of quality, their production teams and experts can guarantee this. The Mapex Tornado kits are highly durable sets that come with additional features... Read More