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Choosing The Right Reed For You and Your Clarinet

Quite an important choice for any wind player that uses reeds and one I hope to make easier, it should always be considered what level of skill the player has when Choosing the right clarinet reed, marry this with the correct mouthpiece and you have the basics for ensuring the student can progress and develop the skills needed for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Here at Rimmers, we get lots of questions about reeds, often from parents of children who want to know 3 things – what type, what brand... Read More


Top Tips When Selecting A Violin

To start off with learning to play the violin is tough, therefore selecting the right size is crucially important in offering the student all the encouragement and support they need. If the violin feels good, sounds good then the student is more likely to stay on course and develop the skills necessary that will benefit them all their playing lives, so it’s vitally important that the selection you make is well matched to the student. So as a parent/beginner you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed when choosing a violin for... Read More