Buyers Guides – Piano & Keyboard


The Best Piano for Studying

When studying music at university, it is very helpful to have a piano of your own. Whether this is for practising for exams or for other courses such as composition or keyboard skills, it can be of huge benefit. I would say that the most common type of piano for students to buy is a portable digital piano such as a Yamaha P-45. This is because it features a full 88 key weighted keyboard, while still being reasonably lightweight and easy to carry. This is especially helpful if you are... Read More


Yamaha P515 Replaces P225

The Yamaha P515 represents true portable luxury, suitable for both serious practice and live performance, a portable digital piano for all musicians. The P515 is the successor to the very popular P255. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the P515 and the P255. Firstly, the P255 comes with a Graded Hammer Keyboard which is normal for a keyboard at this level on the market. Whereas the P515 comes with NWX Keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory tops, which is something you would expect to... Read More


Which Yamaha Digital Piano Is For Me?

Yamaha have a wide variety of digital piano’s, ranging from beginner digital pianos to professional digital piano’s that are even grand piano models. Now there are so many Yamaha digital piano models but they start off at the YDP Arius range, these consist of popular models such as the YDP143 and YDP 163. They both have 88 weighted keys and are4 great for beginners and learners. Then you have the Clavinova range which consists of 3 tiers. CLP, CVP and CSP. They are all very different but to put in... Read More


Digital Rhythm Pianos, What Do They Do?

When customers come along to our stores to find out about digital pianos, we always explain the different models and features, but also there are 2 very different kinds of digital piano! There is what I would call a straight digital piano, which has a number of different sounds (pianos. organs, strings etc.) which through different models could number up to around 32-54. They also may record and on the current range of Yamaha CLP range from the CLP 635 upwards do have a small selection of rhythm styles for... Read More


Why Do We Need Piano Pedals?

One question that people often ask when looking to buy a piano is; “What are the pedals for?” All Yamaha acoustic pianos have three pedals, as do their Clavinovas and Arius range and their portable pianos all come with a sustain pedal. The sustain or damper pedal is by far the most frequently used among pianists of all levels and is typically the rightmost of two or three pedals. When pressed down, the sustain pedal pulls the dampers away from the strings, allowing any notes played to be sustained until... Read More


Which Digital Piano Should I Buy? I Want One That Feels Like A Real Piano?

Which Digital Piano Should I Buy? I Want One That Feels Like A Real Piano? This phrase “I want one that feels like a real piano” is virtually spoken by all customers looking at purchasing a digital piano! Well, I am sorry to burst the bubble, but all acoustic real pianos have a different feel to the action! Every single one is different. I know that doesn’t help much, so let me try to give you some points to think about and things to look out for. As with I... Read More


Yamaha’s Avant Grand Hybrid Piano

The Avant Grand range consists of Yamaha’s very top of the range and most prestigious digital pianos. These models include; N1, N1X, N2, and N3. These unbelievable instruments are designed to give you the flexibility and control of a digital piano while playing and feeling exactly the same as a Concert Grand Piano! Yes, the Avant Grand series are equipped with a real piano action… in fact over 5000 parts of Yamaha genuine piano action! Avant Grand, also known as Yamaha Hybrid Pianos, are packed full of great features including... Read More


Piano or Keyboard?

One important question to ask when looking for a new instrument is; do I want a piano or keyboard? Although the lines between the two can be somewhat blurred with some instruments being more of a hybrid rather than one or the other, there are some general rules on what sets the two apart. Generally, a keyboard is less than full length, most of the time having 76 or 61 keys and often these keys are spring-action rather than weighted. A keyboard is a rhythm-based instrument, meaning that it will... Read More


Your New Digital Piano – DIY Build vs Professional Installation

So you’ve finally decided to purchase your dream Digital Piano. Now you have another decision to make.. you see a lot of people believe that this sort of instrument will arrive into their local store as they view it, ie fully assembled with only the power cable needing to be plugged in. However in reality due to the distances travelled from the manufacturer coupled with the sheer quantities involved Digital Piano’s are effectively ‘flat packed’ ready to be assembled upon delivery to their destination. Digital Piano’s in our stores all... Read More


The Best Yamaha Pianos To Buy This Christmas

With Yuletide just around the corner, you might be wondering about what special gift to buy your friends and family. Maybe they’ve mentioned they would like to get back into playing piano like when they were younger; maybe they are just starting that new job with its heavy workload and need an escape; or maybe they are a professional player and looking for the latest upgrade. Whatever the situation, Rimmers has the perfect Yamaha piano for you! Let’s start out at the beginning, with some ideas for those looking to... Read More