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What Should I Learn First? Piano Or Keyboard? Why?

Through my career, as a part-time music teacher, I have been asked many times, “which should I learn, keyboard or piano? And why? The keyboard is easier, isn’t it?” Well here goes, firstly I don’t think either is any easier than the other, they both have their elements of difficulty associated with learning the relevant skill of playing that instrument. True they both need coordination of both hands and of course learning the notes of music. But, it’s in the technical understanding, of the purpose of the hands on the... Read More


The Yamaha CVP 705

Not only does the CVP-705 feature the incredibly realistic touch of an acoustic grand piano due to its Natural Wood X Keyboard made from wood dried specifically for use in musical instruments, synthetic ivory keytops to prevent fingers from slipping and escapement mechanism much like that of an acoustic piano, but it also boasts an abundance of additional features to make playing a more exciting experience for both beginners and skilled pianists. The touchscreen on the front panel makes choosing from the huge selection of voices, songs and styles incredibly... Read More


Which CLP Should You Buy?

When looking for a new digital piano, the options can be overwhelming, but one name that will always appear is Clavinova. The CLP range of Clavinovas is Yamaha’s flagship range of digital pianos, and the current 600 series are their most advanced models yet. Every piano in this series features the voices of a CFX Grand and Bösendorfer Imperial; these are both fantastic pianos that immediately elevate the instrument to a high standard of sound. For the first time, Clavinovas now include a binaural sampling of the CFX. With the... Read More


Yamaha TransAcoustic

The Transacoustic system… yet another outstanding piece of modern day technology by Yamaha! Here at Rimmers Music in Bolton, we currently have the Transacoustic hooked up to a traditional U1 upright piano, one of Yamaha’s flagship acoustic pianos! The Transacoustic system opens up a whole new range of functionalities including a library of fantastic sounds and voices, built-in songs, recording facility and even a headphone output for late night practising! Yamaha has created a brand new way to enjoy such a storied instrument! Transacoustic technology allows for a whole range of sounds... Read More


Which Grand Piano Should I Buy? What Size Should I Go For?

Many people dream of owning a grand piano, for a few different reasons! Let alone to play it. And of course, the question I have been asked many times! Which one, what make, and how much do I need to spend to get a good one? Well, here goes, let’s just get second hand buying out of the way, from a previous blog I wrote, there are lots of things to look out for in buying a second-hand piano, and that blog is well worth a read if that’s the... Read More


How Modern Technology is Improving Digital Pianos

At this day an age you can do basically anything with technology, it has both improved the way we live our lives and improved devices such as phones and televisions in a way that we never thought possible. With digital pianos, there is no exception. With brands such as Yamaha and Kawai closing the gap between digital and grand pianos not only in feel but in sound is amazing. Take the Yamaha CLP625, for example, it has real grand touch which means it feels exactly like a real acoustic grand piano... Read More


Do you want an acoustic piano or a digital? What’s the difference?

Piano’s are without a doubt one of the most popular instruments to learn and to enjoy. They are not only present of music from decades gone by but also on some of the most modern and diverse music of this era. But how do you choose? Read on to learn more. Let’s first brush up on the difference. An acoustic piano is what most people used to see in their school assembly hall. It’s a real instrument in every sense of the word, being big and heavy but with the... Read More


What Is The Difference? CLP635 vs CLP645?

You are probably wondering what could possibly set these two pianos apart, they both come from the CP600 series right? Well, you have come to the right place as we are going to talk through the differences between the CLP635 and CLP645. There are a number of features that really set them apart, let’s take a look at them both below. CLP635 CLP645 Keyboard GH3X Action Natural Wood X Keyboard Voices & Rhythms 36 Voices 20 Rhythms 36 Voices 20 Rhythms Sound Enhancement Features Stereophonic Optimiser Binaural SamplingVirtual Resonance Modelling... Read More


Should I Buy a Yamaha P45 Or P125?

When it comes to purchasing a new instrument, you want to know all the ins and outs before you commit to making a very important purchase! There are many different qualities, that can set two slightly similar products apart and these can be what seal the deal when making your purchase! Certain aspects can be the icing on the cake when choosing which product to purchase. today we are going to talk through the differences and similarities between the P45 and P125 from Yamaha. Below we will go through the... Read More


The Fantastic Yamaha CVP701

The Yamaha CVP701 is a fantastic, powerful and versatile digital piano. With the CVP 701, there is a variety of interactive music entertainment, education and performance features that make the CVP enjoyable for beginners as well as advanced players. The Clavinova CVP-701 accurately replicates the sound of two of the world’s finest grand pianos: Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand, and the highly acclaimed Model 290 Imperial from renowned Austrian piano manufacturer Bosendorfer. Both instruments have been tuned to perfection and expertly sampled by highly experienced technicians, allowing you to enjoy the... Read More