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We Can Teach You To Play At Rimmers Music School Blackpool

Rimmers Music School Blackpool is conveniently located within easy reach of the surrounding area of Blackpool. The tuition centre is situated above the Rimmer Music Store on Devonshire Road, Blackpool. We have 6 fully qualified and Enhanced DRB checked music teachers offering tuition for Piano, Guitar, Singing, Keyboard, Ukulele, Bass & Drums in our own purpose built soundproofed studios. Teaching people of all ages and abilities, you can either bring your own instrument to use during the lesson, or we have the musical instruments available to use within each of our teaching... Read More


Which Instrument Is Best For Your Child?

So your child has made the choice to begin playing a musical instrument.  Now comes the big question, what instrument is right for them? This may take some exploration it may be that the first instrument they try is not the right one for them. So here I’m going to help to make the choice a little easier. Piano The piano is a great first choice. It is one of the most popular choices for young people. It’s a great way to be able to learn how to read music... Read More


Why Learning An Instrument Is Great For Young People

How many times have you heard the words “I wish I could play the guitar” or have you yourself marvelled at a drum solo and only wished you could do it yourself? A lot of people “wish” but not many actually go as far as starting. Well for those with young ones asking the same questions then you should tell them yes. It’s not just an investment in them musically there are numerous benefits to be gained from learning a musical instrument here are a few. Brain Stimulation The way... Read More


Beginning your journey into music with Yamaha

There are many things in life to be thankful for, our family and friends, the air we breathe, the food we eat: The list goes on and on. Thinking back, the first time I remember feeling true gratitude was when I received my first keyboard, a Yamaha PSS30. I spent hundreds of hours playing songs that I had heard, and while the 2-voice polyphony was very basic by today’s standards, it held me captivated that I was able to produce these sounds at the touch of one of its 32... Read More

Introduction to Examination Boards

It can be quite daunting when first looking at learning an instrument, especially looking to learn to an examination standard, and this isn’t helped by the vast amount of examining boards available at the moment. In this introduction post, I will try an run through some of the differences and benefits of the courses currently offered through our amazing music school, followed by more detailed and specific posts about the individual routes to take. The bodies I will briefly cover are, – ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Music... Read More


Why Learn An Instrument?

There are countless great reasons for learning an instrument, and I have tried to put together a few of the main ones below.  Firstly and maybe most importantly, it’s proven to be good for your health, both mentally and psychically. Learning and practising any musical instrument is a fantastic way to keep your motor and memory skills in tune and in good health. They are also a fantastic way to release endorphins in the body which can help towards your general mood and also help to work against stress. Not... Read More


Why Should You Do Music Lessons?

Many people have said to me over the years, why do I need music lessons? Do I play by ear? Can I learn from the internet? I just do my own thing? Well, after many years of lessons on piano, electronic organ and church organ, through a total of 6 teachers in all! Numerous examinations of both practical and theory, believe you me, its all about guidance, coaching, encouragement, technique, interpretation and personal views, tips & tricks of the trade! Nothing is the same, as coming to a teacher each... Read More


Edinburgh Music School

Over at our Edinburgh Music School, we provide group classes where students from a variety of ages can learn how to play an instrument in groups or on a 1:1 basis. Each syllabus is developed with the care, skill and expertise to ensure that every addition is creative, innovative and industry relevant; with the objective to provide access to music education for the many, not the few. Learning in a group is great for motivating each other, and a real confidence booster. All students work together to help each other... Read More

Teacher Talk With Lee Bradbury at Rimmers Music 11/04/2018

Teacher Talk: Lee Bradbury

Teacher Talk: Lee Bradbury Moving away from Guitarists in this week’s “Teacher Talk” we’re chatting to piano and keyboard teacher Lee Bradbury who is once again over at our Leyland Rimmers Music School. Having taken lessons at Rimmers Music Leyland himself as a child, Lee was already well versed in piano & keyboard lessons before starting his teaching career with us 5 years ago. An accomplished jazz pianist, Lee covers all of the popular piano styles, from pop to rock, classical to musical, and as he aptly demonstrates above, jazz... Read More


How Important is Music Education In Schools?

Almost all of us enjoy music, whether we enjoy listening, playing or singing along – but have we ever studied music? Many schools miss out on this super interesting subject throughout education plans, not only is it enjoyable for students but it also comes with many benefits for both education and everyday life! Often times, teachers and parents themselves report that studying music teaches discipline, perseverance, and work ethic. We find that the best benefits of musical education are: Encourages Involvement When it comes to the school curriculum, the basic... Read More