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Viscount Classical Organs Available From Rimmers Music

Viscount Classical Organs: Voiced to sound like a traditional pipe organ, Viscount Classical organs are designed for use in schools, churches/cathedrals and even the comfort of your own home. They pay close attention to the details that even the best musicians can appreciate, with a clear understanding of the benefits of the digital technology while still staying true to the traditional and emotional elements of organ playing. The engineering of Viscount organs is first class. Initially, they were built as ‘home entertainment instruments’ designed for families to gather around and... Read More

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Stage Piano Vs Cabinet Digital Piano

What’s The Difference Between A Portable Digital Piano And A Cabinet Digital Piano? There is a vast choice when it comes to purchasing a digital piano. One of the decisions that has to be made is whether you want a Stage Piano or a digital piano with a cabinet. What’s the difference? What would be more suitable for you? We talk to digital piano expert Barry at Rimmers Music Blackpool Store to find out the differences and which he prefers and why. Barry Explains, “Even though Digital Piano’s generally offer... Read More

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Blackstar Listen Promotion

Blackstar Listen Promotion Watch the video below and enter the discount code at the checkout on our Rimmers Music website and get up to £100.00 off selected Blackstar Amps in the #Listen! promotion. This fantastic offer is in addition to our already competitive pricing. We have teamed up with Blackstar to offer you this great promotional discount on Blackstar Amps. Here are the very simple details: 1. The Competition is open to all, except employees of Blackstar Amplification Ltd 2. The promotion will be valid after the 1st April 2019... Read More

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Differences Between Yamaha YDP Arius And Yamaha CLP Clavinova Digital Pianos Explained.

Here we explain the differences between the Yamaha YDP range (Arius) and Yamaha CLP (Clavinova) range of digital pianos. With the huge range of digital cabinet pianos out there, it can often be intimidating trying to find the right piano for you. This blog will hopefully highlight the differences between Yamaha’s digital cabinet pianos and make the process of finding your perfect piano much easier. We fully explain the Yamaha YDP Arius range of pianos and the Yamaha CLP Clavinova range of products in detail with text, images and video... Read More


Rimmers Music Specialist Piano Removal Company Est 1978

Did you know Rimmers Music have been moving pianos for over 40 years? Digital And Acoustic Piano Removal Specialists. Our fully insured piano transport experts move acoustic pianos and digital pianos in and around Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Liverpool and any North West location such as Preston, Blackpool, Bolton, Southport and so on. We have been buying, selling, restoring, tuning, refurbishing and of course delivering and moving pianos for over 40 years. Unlike a normal “house removal company”, we only move digital and acoustic pianos. These items require particular tools,... Read More

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Rafa Raposo – World Renowned Guitarist – Demonstrates For Rimmers Music!

Rafa Raposo – A Short Biography Of This Amazing Guitarist. Here’s a quick video of him in his band “Mr.Pink” to get us started….. Rafael Gonzalo Raposo Carreno was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in December 1980. Known as “Rafa Raposo”, he started playing guitar when he was 9 years old and at age 11 began his Estudios de Guitarra Clásica at the Conservatory of Música Leo Scheneider. He also took the Historia de la Música and the Teoría and Solfeo courses at the same Conservatory. Using his gift on the... Read More

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Beginner Yamaha Keyboards

What’s a good entry level Yamaha keyboard? Peter at our Edinburgh store is a Yamaha keyboard and Piano specialist! We asked him about entry level Yamaha keyboards and what he thought of them. Here’s what he said, I hope it helps you…. “Yamaha beginner keyboards are now designed to appeal to people of all age groups and genders. With many of them being similarly designed and priced it is hard to know what to look for when comparing models. I would always recommend looking at models with many voices (this... Read More


Taking Care Of Your Drums

Hello! In this brief post, I will be talking about some of the best and easiest ways of keeping your drums looking and more importantly sounding their best. First thing, may seem a simple one but keep your drums clean of dust and grime, especially by the inside of the rims, as this can cause bacteria to form that can corrode away at the chrome rims and even eat away at the drum skins if left for long periods of time. Staying in the same area, your drum skins are... Read More

Acoustic Drum Kit Vs Electric Drum Kit 28/03/2019

Differences Between Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits

Acoustic Or Electric Drum Kit! Which should you get? I will tell you a short story about my sons musical journey who is now 14 and a very keen drummer and this will hopefully help you decide which way to go….. My son at age 11 decided he wanted to be a “professional drummer in a band”, having been through piano, guitar and ukulele for a few months each, deciding they weren’t for him, as children do….swapping and changing!  After the “I won’t ask for anything else ever” line, I... Read More


Why Are Beginner Instruments So Important?

When it comes to starting out when playing a musical instrument, you have to consider a few things before diving in, to make sure you are comfortable, not spending out of your budget and that you have an instrument that will meet your personal requirements. Music is very rewarding, so having the perfect instrument to make this experience more enjoyable is vital. But why are beginner musical instruments important? Let’s take a look at some reasons why beginner musical instruments are important Sizing If you are buying an instrument for... Read More