Tips & Advice


Should I Try Before Buying?

Due to all of the content available on the internet describing, demonstrating and showing every instrument model imaginable, many people are happy to take a recommendation from a stranger on the internet and buy before trying. I believe that it is very important to try out an instrument that you are thinking of purchasing as you need to get a feel for it to know if you will really enjoy playing it as hopefully, it will be your instrument for years to come. For example, when looking for a digital... Read More


Why Should I Opt for a Digital Piano?

Many people ask what the benefits of buying a digital piano over an acoustic are, often with the impression that the feel and sound of a digital are nowhere near the standards of a “real” piano. This may have been the case in the past, but in more recent years, digital pianos have hugely improved and are much closer to the real thing than you may think. Many digital pianos have real wooden keys which very closely match the touch of an acoustic piano. This is a very important factor... Read More


Top Tips for New Piano Players

Sitting Position: Positioning yourself correctly is the first step towards becoming a better player. You should ensure you are sitting up straight with your arms level with the keyboard. Having an adjustable bench can help with this, alternatively, prop up some cushions. Scales, Scales, Scales:          They can seem boring and monotonous but nothing prepares you for the rigours of playing music quite the way practising your scales does. Whether you are learning classical or more modern repertoire, scales will improve your muscle-memory enabling you to use correct fingering and... Read More


Top Tips to Make You a Better Piano Player

Whether you have just started to learn the piano or have been playing for years, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few important factors when it comes to developing your piano skills. The most important of all is practice. Like a lot of things in life, progression comes from repetition. Seeing improvement in your playing is a lot to do with muscle memory so playing pieces regularly is the best way to get your hands used to the movement. It is also helpful to put aside time... Read More


Entry Level Instruments

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a very rewarding experience, but deciding on which instrument to purchase can be quite overwhelming, so we wanted to create a page on our website dedicated to helping you make that all important decision. Our NEW Beginner Packs page is the go-to destination for helping you make the decision, either for yourself or for somebody else! You can find it on our website here: Throughout the page, you can find something for everyone, ideal for children and adults – as we are... Read More


What is Lemon Oil?

Lemon oil… What is it? Answer: a fretboard conditioner? Cleaner. Fretboard oils contain very little real lemon oil. The last thing any guitar product manufacturer wants is to damage their customer’s guitars. So, many of the popular guitar lemon oils sold by well-known guitar companies are comprised primarily of other oils–usually, mineral oil, which is a pretty good (and cheap) fretboard conditioner by itself. They contain only a small amount of real lemon oil, and the yellow colour comes from artificial colouring. In fact, some contain no real lemon oil at all. Instead, they’re just mineral oil... Read More


Taking Care Of and Tuning Your Guitar

When your guitar has been used for a while it might be in need of some TLC. As well as a restring and a set up you can also use some great guitar cleaning products to assure your guitar is receiving the correct treatment. These products consist of lemon oil which you use when you take your strings off and put it on the neck. However, you would only use this on rosewood fingerboard as it is openly pawed, unlike maple fingerboards which are closed pawed. Guitar polish is the... Read More


Which Instrument Is Best For Your Child?

So your child has made the choice to begin playing a musical instrument.  Now comes the big question, what instrument is right for them? This may take some exploration it may be that the first instrument they try is not the right one for them. So here I’m going to help to make the choice a little easier. Piano The piano is a great first choice. It is one of the most popular choices for young people. It’s a great way to be able to learn how to read music... Read More


How Often Should I Have My Piano Tuned?

Here at Rimmers Music, we sell new and second-hand acoustic pianos in 4 of our 9 branches. We also buy young second-hand pianos to sell again. And one of the questions we ask people who want to sell us a piano is when was it last tuned??? This often draws a selection of reasons why the piano hasn’t been tuned regularly. By regularly we mean at least twice a year if the instrument is played regularly or if no one is playing it once a year. This is very important... Read More


Piano or Keyboard?

One important question to ask when looking for a new instrument is; do I want a piano or keyboard? Although the lines between the two can be somewhat blurred with some instruments being more of a hybrid rather than one or the other, there are some general rules on what sets the two apart. Generally, a keyboard is less than full length, most of the time having 76 or 61 keys and often these keys are spring-action rather than weighted. A keyboard is a rhythm-based instrument, meaning that it will... Read More