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Yamaha CFX at Rimmers Music Bolton 21/03/2016

Take A Tour Of New Piano Showroom!

Take A Tour Of New Piano Showroom! Now that the piano showroom refurbishment is finished at our Rimmers Music store in Bolton, we have a fully stocked piano area covering the very best of acoustic pianos! Included in our collection is the full range of acoustic pianos available from Yamaha, from the entry level and ever popular b-Series b1, all the way up to their flagship CFX Concert Grand.  But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in our new video tour of the showroom! With over... Read More


New Piano Showroom At Bolton!

Newly Refurbished Showroom at Bolton! Our Rimmers Music Bolton store has just finished it’s massive refurbishment of the whole ground floor acoustic piano  showroom and 1st floor digital piano & keyboard area. Our Rimmers Music Bolton store has a rich history and years of experience with all things piano, making it our premier piano outlet. With our newly updated collection of upright and grand acoustic pianos in a fresh, modern setting, our Bolton store now has the largest UK collection of Yamaha acoustic pianos outside of London, with the full... Read More


Yamaha Silent Pianos at Rimmers Music

We now offer customers the opportunity to purchase the whole of Yamaha’s Silent Piano range from our website, which can be seen here! Silent Pianos are essentially a hybrid between Acoustic & Digital pianos which take the rich and expansive sound of a real acoustic piano, and the added benefit of digital functionality. Players can plug in the exclusive Yamaha headphones which come with each piano into the SK2 or SH system attached to the piano and play into the night without the disturbing their neighbours! Customers can choose between... Read More


The Key Difference Between Pianos & Keyboards

Hello Everyone, I have made this video to help explain to you the difference between an acoustic piano, digital piano and a keyboard. I have written a brief explanation below. People often ask me questions like “what’s the difference between a piano and a keyboard?” or “what keyboard would you recommend?” I have made a video to show the differences and I will explain it here to help you decide what instrument would be best for you. An acoustic or “real” piano basically has strings inside that are stopped from... Read More

Buyers Guide to Pianos

Digital Vs Acoustic Pianos If you are looking to buy a piano you might need some help making your decision.  But there are a few questions you may like to consider before making your choice.  One is whether you want to buy an acoustic piano or a digital piano. So what is the difference between the two?­ Digital pianos are electronic instruments that duplicate piano sounds. Unlike acoustic pianos, they have no hammers, no strings and no soundboard to produce the sound you hear. Instead, they have electronic sound chips... Read More