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How To: Assemble A Single X-Frame Stand

Many of the keyboards, synths and stage style digital pianos we sell often come packaged with either a single or double X-Frame stand from Stagg. These are light and portable stands which can be adjusted to different heights to suit standing or seated positions. This makes them great for use in any sized home as well as in a live music situation. Whilst the Stagg Double X-Frames we supply only need to be opened up to adjust their height, there is a small amount of assembly required before using the... Read More


How To: Digital Piano Factory Reset

Digital pianos are fantastic additions to the home of any pianist, aiming to offer the sound and touch playability of a traditional acoustic piano with the added advantage of never going out of tune, all at an affordable price. With a wealth of technological advancements for digital pianos in the past few years many also now boast features  that were once only available on high end keyboards and synthesizers, such as the ability to record, differing piano sounds, built in lessons, as well as various types of connectivity via Bluetooth,... Read More