The harmonica also knows as a mouth organ is featured in a wide variety of musical genres, and is a favourite for many musical performers. In bands, the harmonica is often played by the lead singer as an instrumental between vocals. The sound is made by blowing through one of a bank of miniature pipes than run through the instrument, producing a reedy, resonant and expressive sound. The pitch can bend between two notes ad the mouth moves to different pitches, and vibrato is added by waving the hand in front of the organ. creating an expressive waver on the ends of notes. The dynamic is quite quiet but very clear and penetrating. 

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We have an extensive range of harmonicas available here at Rimmers Music, they are a great way of adding new, unique sound to your band! Also great for taking up a new hobby!

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend that you buy a ten hole single reed diatonic harmonica, they are easier to play and super reliable! A great harmonica for blues, rock, jazz, country and folk music!

If you are a professional musician, then a chromatic harmonica is best suited for you as it has a wider range of notes, therefore, is suitable for all genres of music.