The recorder is one of the most popular members of the woodwind family and is a very accessible instrument to play. Recorders are a great instrument for schools for teaching musical theory, the practical way. Not only are they great in schools, they are also fantastic for an orchestra.

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The recorder is a wooden flute and is an excellent starter instrument as it is possible to learn the fingering and start making music with little difficulty. You direct your breath through the mouth opening and create a vibration which then transmits through the air tube.

The most common recorders are the Soprano and Alto. The longer the recorder, the deeper the pitch is. Although your fingers will be further apart, it doesn't really matter what size you start with because the skills are easily transferrable! Sopranos are more portable and more affordable.

 Recorders come in a variety of sizes, from 'short and high' to 'large and deep' and the most popular sizes are:

  • The Soprano (sometimes called the descant) is around 30cm long.
  • The Alto is slightly bigger and therefore deeper at around 45cm long.
  • The Tenor - slightly larger still at 62.5cms. 
  • The Brass Recorder - the largest and the deepest at 90cm long.