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Here at Rimmers Music, we understand that not everyone is an expert on the instrument they purchase. Maybe you're completely new to playing, buying for a friend or loved one, or maybe switching to a different instrument? Whatever the case, we have you covered with our growing number of buying guides on all manner of instruments we sell. 

Are aim is to give you the same customer service online that our customers have over the years come to expect from our expert staff in each of our eight stores. That's why our buying guides consist of video demonstrations from our staff in store, mixed with written guides you can easily reference when browsing our extensive range of instruments.

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Pianos & Keyboards Buying Guides

Although they may look similar and appear to work in the same way, there is a whole spectrum of differences between Acoustic Pianos, Digital Pianos & Keyboards. Here's a selection of posts from the blog  & other sections of our site that go some way to helping explain these varying differences. 

The Key Difference Between Pianos & Keyboards - In this video and accompanying text, Graham Blackledge runs through the differences between Acoustic Pianos, Digital Pianos & Keyboards, with the pros & cons for each type of instrument.

Digital/Electronic & Acoustic Pianos Buying Guide - This page answers some of the frequently asked questions people have when looking at different types of piano.

Buyers Guide To Pianos - Here you can find further info on the differences between piano types. 

Keyboard or Piano? - Here we look at whether a Keyboard or a Piano is the best choice for your needs. 

Which Keyboard to Buy? - For those new to buying Keyboards, we take an in depth look at sort of features you should look out for, and what to expect at different price points. 

Acoustic & Digital Drum kit Buying Guides

Whilst you may wonder what could be simpler than banging a drum, Acoustic Drum kits and their Electronic brethren are complex pieces of equipment with many variations. We'll take through the different options available so you can decide which setup suits your needs the best.  

Your Guide To Buying The Right Drum Kit For You - This guide runs through the function of different drum parts and highlights the key differences between Acoustic & Digital Drums, with the pros & cons of each type of instrument. 

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Guitar Buying Guides

Guitars are one of the oldest forms western instruments with some of the oldest types of acoustic classical guitars having been around since the 16th century. Today with the addition of the electric guitar during the 20th century and it's use in countless popular music hits over the years, guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world.  As such a whole host of varieties have been developed over the years, which is why we aim to help pick the right guitar for you with the following guides.

Electric or Acoustic: Which Guitar Strikes a Chord With You? - The most basic choice when starting to learn guitar is whether to choice electric guitar or acoustic guitar. In this guide we look at some of the differences and similarities to help you decide which is best for you.

Home Recording Guides

These days you don't need to spend millions of pounds on a studio to make a sophisticated recording of your music. Home recording has come a long way from the humble 8 track tape recorder, with sophisticated digital recording interfaces becoming more readily available at affordable prices. We'll show you the basics of home recording with some of the easiest to use equipment that's becoming more and more popular for musicians in the digital age.

Focusrite Home Recording Guide - Kevin Atherton from our Wigan store demonstrates the Focusrite Studio Pack, which comes with virtually everything you need to create a recording your music. Whether it's capturing your ideas when inspiration strikes or recording your bands first EP, the only limits are your imagination!

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