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Browse and purchase Casio CDP-S series pianos. The cdp-s series from Casio have taken the digital piano market by storm, with their Ultra compact and lightweight design, offering stylish and great features at a very affordable price to suit anyone’s requirements. There are 2 models available the Cdp s110 and the cdp s360, both 2 quite different models with very different features. The Cdp-s110 offers the player, what must be the smallest compact digital piano on the market at the moment. With 88 authentically weighted, Scaled hammer action ii keys with simulated ebony and ivory finish. The Cdp range has a new Sound generation engine, which on the s110 offers 10 truly great tones and also you can layer two tones together offering even greater choice of sounds. The pianos offer 3 different levels of touch response, to suit any player’s preference and style of playing.

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On both of the Casio CDPS models you can connect them to your devices via the popular Chordana App from Casio, which opens a world of practice, sound and creative possibilities to any player. The pianos are also Midi compatible. On both models as well, which I think sets them apart from other digital pianos of this style, is that you can take them anywhere? Powered by Batteries. So you could go to a gig, practice session or another position in the home for practice, without having to connect to mains power. The Cdp-S360 models offers all the above features, plus having a total of 700 tones! and 200 styles / drum beats to play along too. Just a foot note as well, both models do Transpose allowing the player to easily adjust the key when accompanying a singer or orchestral group. I think anyone would agree the Cdp-s series does offer a superb product packed with great features, quality sound and touch, in a compact case design, that would fit into any household or be moved very easily for gigs or tuition work.