Christmas Gift Ideas at Rimmers Music

Fender Player Series

Introducing the latest in a line of already incredible guitars: the Fender Player Series. Both high-quality and affordable, these guitars deliver a sound and quality that players of all ages will know and love, making this the perfect Christmas gift!

Casio Pianos & Keyboards

We stock a fantastic range of Casio products here at Rimmers Music, from entry level such as the CTK keyboard series, through to the Grand Celviano digital pianos made in conjunction with C! The endless options we offer means there is something perfect for everyone.


Roland HP Pianos

The HP piano philosophy is all about bringing the sound and performance of a concert-class piano into your home this Christmas. The HP piano's offer a number of cabinet styles, colours and speaker systems to suit everyones lifestyle.


Yamaha P45 Piano

The P45 is a fantastic introduction to Yamaha's range of portable digital pianos, with 88 fully weighted keys and a graded hammer standard keyboard, Yamaha have succeeded in creating a piano with a good weighted touch which has still retained portability.

Highlights Include:

  • Key feel provides an authentic piano-playing experience.
  • Recreates the real reverberation of a grand piano.
  • Compact and light design provides for easy transportation.
  • Simple operation with a single button.
  • 88 Notes.
  • Comes with PA150 power supply.


Roland TD1DMK Drumkit

Digital drum kits are a great alternative to their acoustic brothers. This is especially true for beginner drummers of all ages as they are much quieter to play, meaning you or your loved one can play into the night without disturbing the neighbours!

We think that the Roland TD1DMK Digital Drum kit is the perfect Christmas gift because:

It's an entry level kit that you or your loved one won't grow out of. The TD1DMK offers Roland's class leading feel and playability at a price that won't break the bank. The Roland TD1DMK is Roland's most affordable drum kit featuring all mesh heads for incredible responsiveness, on a full-sized drum rack which can be customised for players of any level!

This item can be bought as a package or by itself.

Fender Amplifiers

Fender Champion 40 (Right-Hand Side)

With world-renowned Fender clean and overdriven tones, British and modern amp voicing and distortion. Add a diverse palette of effects, including delay time and tremolo speedewhic can be easily set with the TAP button to match a songs tempo. A really nifty feature on this particular amp is an auxiliary input included for jamming along to your favourite tracks with a media player and a headphone output allows for silent practice.

Fender Frontman 10G

For a small amp, it's incredibly articulate. 10W of power delivers more than enough volume without being too loud, and the 6" speaker voices your notes with a great level of detail. You'll find that, no matter what style you're playing, everything comes to life with these quality tools at you disposal. The headphone jack allows you to practice silently - perfect if you don't want to wake the neighbours. You're guaranteed to get the most out of your practices whenever you switch this small-but-mighty machine on.


Guitar Accessories

Have a family member or friend who has a guitar? Well here is the perfect small gift or stocking filler which they will love!

Pick from our huge range of cables, which we offer in a number of colours, brands and lengths.

Not to forget our cases and bags which come in every guitar size. Making transporting guitars easier and safer.

With a number of unbeatable deals on strings for every guitar player, don't miss out!

Finally, for an even smaller but versatile gift don't forget plectrums, tuners and straps. Something that every guitarist needs.

No matter your budget or requirements we will have which suits you!

Graham & James Show You Our BEST Christmas Gifts!

Here we have Graham Blackledge & James showing you a couple of our best 'Musical Instrument Christmas Gift Ideas' - The Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano & Yamaha F310 Pro Pack!

Yamaha F310 Pro Pack
This pack gives you everything you need to get playing. You get a great quality Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar (one of the best selling guitars Yamaha make), Yamaha guitar tuner, spare strings, guitar strap, plectrums, tuition DVD, guitar stand & a gig bag too! The guitar plays well and the accessories are good quality. This has to be the best value guitar pack on the market today! I think this is amazing value for money.
James - Rimmers Music

Full-size acoustic guitar with spruce front, rosewood fretboard, mahogany sides and back

Electronic tuner
|Spare strings |Gig bag |Strap | 3 plectrums | Instant guitar DVD included

Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano
The Kawai KDP-120 digital piano is ideal for anyone thinking of learning to play the piano or accomplished pianists too! It is available in 3 cabinet finishes (satin white, satin black & premium rosewood), and they all look great. It has a key cover to keep the dust off and 3 traditional piano pedals, 2 x 12cm 20 watt speakers, Bluetooth connectivity to play music through its speakers and much more. Its fully weighted key action feels great and is nice and responsive. Its 15 sounds are all great and you can play 2 together or split the keyboard for a sound for each had. With an inbuilt metronome and 7 drum beats this piano has features to keep you interested. I think this piano plays well, sounds great and is excellent value for money.
Graham Blackledge - Rimmers Music

Responsive Hammer Compact II with improved cushioning material)

Keyboard Modes: Dual (with adjustable volume balance), Four Hands

Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral

Metronome/Beats: 7 Beats, Tempo and Volume adjustable

Recorder: 3 Songs, max. 10.000 notes

Lesson Function |
Bluetooth | USB
Sound System: 12 cm x 2 speaker - Output Power: 2 x 20W