Digital/Electronic & Acoustic Piano Buying Guide

What is the Difference Between the Two?


Digital Pianos, also known as Electric Pianos, are developing faster than ever before. With names like Yamaha Pianos, Casio Pianos and Roland Pianos producing new models all the time, digital pianos are one of the most versatile  and exciting musical instruments currently available.


Electronic instruments duplicate piano sounds. Unlike acoustic pianos, they have no hammers, no strings and no soundboard to produce the sound you hear. Instead, they have electronic sound chips and speakers and ‘replay’ the sound of a recorded piano.

What are the Advantages of a Digital/Electric Piano?

Digital pianos usually have an array of features that make them attractive such as:

Different types of  high quality piano sounds

  • Other keyboard sounds like harpsichord, organ & more
  • Other instrument sounds like strings, flute, percussion etc.
  • Built-in rhythm capabilities to accompany your playing
  • The ability to record your performance
  • The ability to interact with other electronic music devices (MIDI)
  • Never a need for tuning
  • Headphones to practice in private
  • Easier portability
  • You can turn the volume up and down
  • They only take up a small amount of space

What are the Advantages of an Acoustic Piano?

While an acoustic piano can be more expensive than a digital piano, it can be an investment and hold its value over time. An acoustic piano can last for a considerable number of years.  Its key feature includes:


  • An acoustic piano has natural acoustic sounds, that are produced by the hammer striking the string and then amplified by the sound board
  • The touch of a real piano is second to none
  • The piano will have deep, rich and natural tone
  • The piano can be a nice piece of furniture

Our Specialist Piano Showrooms

Rimmers Music  has one of the finest selection of pianos in the country.

At  our showrooms you will find a range of pianos from leading brands such as Petrof, Steinbach, Ritmuller, Bechstein, Challen, Hoffman, Zimmerman and Yamaha. In addition, as a Steinway & Sons dealer, one of only a few in the country, we also supply Boston & Essex pianos.  

Our branch in Bolton has the largest selection of pianos on display outside London, with over seventy pianos you can be sure our experienced staff are better placed than anyone to advise you on buying the best piano for you!

We supply new and used, upright and grand pianos so drop in and have a look round one of our huge piano showrooms today!

Best of Both Worlds

Some Piano manufacturers such as Yamaha, produce pianos which aim to combine some of the advantages of both Acoustic & Digital Pianos.

An example of this are the Yamaha Silent Pianos range, which feature a selection of their most popular Acoustic Upright & Grand Pianos that have been converted to also be played whilst wearing headphones without sound emitting acoustically.

Used by players such as Jamie Cullum, HJ Lim & Bert Smorenberg, the digital section of the Silent Pianos is said to sound as close as possible to playing acoustically.

Comprehensive Piano Tuning & Restoration

Rimmers Music also offers a comprehensive piano tuning service, through our own piano technician.   We recommend that your piano is tuned at least twice a year.  With this in mind we have a number of tuning packages available for your complete peace of mind.  For further information on prices please call Harker & Howarth, Bolton on (01204) 526623 to speak to our piano technician.