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Welcome to the Drum department. Here you will find acoustic and digital drum kits , cymbals and percussion instruments both for the beginner to the professional.

An acoustic drum kit is the traditional type of drum kit that has been around for hundred of years, It has skins and wood type drums that resonate, the drum skin is hit with a stick or a brush and the wooden part of the drum then resonates to make the sound we are used to. There are many types of kits such as; A jazz kit, A rock kit, A fusion kit, etc. The kits will consist of a bass drum, a snare drum, three tomtoms, including a floor tomtom a pair of hihats, a ride cymbal, and a crash cymbal. This would constitute a standard kit mant other bits and pieces can be added.

A digital kit is a far newer type of kit only really being produced in any great numbers in the last ten years. A digital kit consists of the same type of layout as an acoustic kit but the sound is produced electronically. the digital kit will be able to produce a number of different sounds and effects, it will require an amplifier or headphones to hear the sound but this means it can be turned down for quiet play or through headphones the digital kit is virtually silent apart from some pad noise as the sticks hit the rubber pads. The digital kit can also be amplified directly to use in a live situation, in a band or orchestra.

A digital kit will often feature built in songs and lessons to help to teach you to play.