Cymbals are a large contributor towards the overall drum sound, they provide regular rhythms and beats for many genres of music. Your choice of cymbals are very important, there is a wide variety available that all provide different qualities that personalise your unique drumming sound. We have some great quality brands including Meinl, Roland and many more.

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Drum kits will always feature cymbals, beginner, junior and complete kits. More experienced players may want to upgrade if they are passionate about developing further and creating their own unique sound.

We have a huge selection of cymbals available, from ride cymbals, hi-hats, splash cymbals and more

Hi-hat Cymbals - these are open and closed with a pedal and are the most popular cymbal on the market. They are used to play a steady rhythm and hold the beat together.

Ride Cymbals - The tone of these cymbals is a sustained ringing sound. Ride cymbals are very popular amongst Jazz musicians.

China Cymbals - China symbols produce a distinct, bright and explosive tone. These are often nicknamed trash cymbals. Often heard in heavy rock and metal music - great for solo drum sequences.

We have some great respectable brands availabe here at Rimmers Music including Meinl, Paiste, Rolandand many more.