Release the creativity inside and enhance your performance using accessories that give you the ability to enjoy your drumming experience. There are numerous machines, modules and pads available that all give a wide variety of options. We have the latest technology available here at Rimmers, ensuring you always have the best!

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Drum Machines, Drum Modules & Sample Pads

When it comes to drum machines, modules and pads - the possibilities are endless. Incorporating electronic into the acoustic drum kit that you have can give you the ability to create your own unique sound.

Drum Machines -

A drum machine creates the foundations of electronic music, but can also be used in other various genres. They imitate the sound of drums, cymbals and many other percussion instruments. Drum machines provide versatility offering the player the creativity to create something completely unique.

Drum Modules -

An electric drum module is used to create a unique drum kit, it gives you the freedom of combining pads and triggers to be able to create the perfect electronic kit. Making your sound stand out is now easily achievable and he compact drum modules are what make this happen.

Sample Pads -

Electric pads add extra dimension and more versatility to drum setups. Many drummers see them as an essential! Pads provide a great, bouncy response with practicality incorporated into it.

We have an excellent range of brands here at Rimmers Music, including Yamaha, Roland, Korg Alesis and many more!