Selected Entry Level Musical Instruments

Here we have a selection of popular entry level instruments to help you make an easier informed choice when making your first instrument purchase. We have hand picked out what we consider to be ideal instruments for you to start learning. We have picked ideal instruments for children and adults such as 3/4 size guitars, electric and acoustic guitar packs, electric and acoustic drum kits, piano and keyboards with all the things you need to get playing as quickly as possible. We also give 30 free online lessons with all the instruments to get you on your way. If you need help deciding please contact us and one of our sales team will guide you to the best instrument for you.

Selected Starter Electric Drum Kit Bundles

Electric drum kits are extremely popular both with beginners and experienced players. Main reasons for this popularity is the space they save, you can play quietly with headphones and create all the modern sounds in modern music. Many people gig with electric drum kits as they can balance the sound easier through a PA system. We have selected a number of electric drum kit bundles that would be great to get you going all with 30 online lessons and everything you need (excluding a drum monitor). Electric drum kits are designed to play via headphones and do not have built in speakers. If you want the sound to be heard out loud you will need a dedicated drum monitor. We have selected a few on our "essential accessories for acoustic or electric drum kit" there is a link below to show you.

"Drum Monitor Speakers" other accessories you may want are HERE.


Selected Entry Level Keyboard Packs

Most people have no idea what keyboard to buy when they want to learn to play, so we have created some ideal bundles for you. Many people get confused about whether they need a piano or keyboard and are unsure of the differences. We have created a page with text and a video explaining the full differences between a keyboard, digital piano and acoustic piano, click HERE. All our keyboards come with 30 online lessons and these keyboard bundles are ideal for you to learn on.

Selected Portable Digital Pianos

Portable digital pianos (also known as electric pianos) are ideal if you want an instrument to take away with you, do gigs, get out and put away to save space, or take to university. There are a variety of uses to being portable. We have selected some great portable digital piano bundles for you, all with weighted keys (ie the keys are recognised as feeling like a piano by the music examination boards). If you are unsure about the differences between a digital piano, keyboard and acoustic piano we have created a page with a video fully explaining everything you need to know HERE. Our selected instruments are highly regarded throughout the music industry.


Selected Home Digital Pianos

If you want a digital piano that's also more of a piece of furniture we have listed a few models that are popular, sound great and are recommended by many teachers. They are in bundles with all you need to get going. A detailed explanation of the difference between a keyboard, digital piano and keyboard to help you understand and make an informed choice can be found HERE. In general terms the keyboard feel, features, cabinet and sound quality all improve as you spend more money. The ones we have picked are regarded as excellent value for the price point.


Selected Upright and Grand Pianos

We have a huge range of new, used and refurbished upright acoustic and grand pianos on display at our stores. We also have a great selection available to purchase online. We offer free ground home installation to UK mainland and the first tuning free to ensure your piano is perfect and ready to play straight away. Our technicians are highly trained by Yamaha, Kawai and Steinway and give excellent pre-delivery preparation to every piano we sell. An acoustic piano will require tuning every six months. With this in mind, we offer competitive tuning packages that we can talk you through. Here is a small selection of popular entry-level pianos including a matching rise and fall stool. If you are unsure if you want an acoustic piano or electric piano please read our guide and watch our explanation video HERE.

Selected Starter 4/4 Classical and Steel String Acoustic Guitars

Great for any 12+ to Adult (or big enough to get their arm around). Here we have Nylon string classical guitars for the classical music, melody playing player and steel string acoustic guitars for in general terms the strum along player. Both types can be used for both styles but have distinct differences. The classical nylon strung guitar has a wider next and gives a softer tone, this is built for finger picking melodies generally. The wider neck makes it a little slower for fast chord changes (but can be done). The steel string acoustic gives a bright vibrant sound for the standard campfire singalong. The narrow neck allows for faster chord changes but makes finger picking melodies a little harder for entry-level players. All come with 30 online lessons free to get you playing as quickly as possible.

Selected Beginners Electric Guitars

Always wanted to play an electric guitar but not sure what to get to get started? We have the answer right here. We have picked out a few great electric guitar that are ideal to get you going. For the price, we really think these are the best electric guitars for the money. As you pay more the quality improves. All our guitars come with 30 online lessons. Be a rock star!

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