Essential Drum Accessories For Acoustic Or Electric Drum Kits

We stock a huge range of accessories essential for drummers such as drum sticks, ear protectors, drum skins, drum thrones, cymbal and hi hat stands and much more. If you purchase one of our various drum kits and it doesn't already come with a stool or sticks (or in the case of an electric kit headphones or monitor speaker) we have highlighted a few here make the selection process easier.

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Selected Drum Thrones (Drum Stools)

Here is a selection of drum thrones (also known as drum stools). They are ideal for you to purchase to use with any electric or acoustic drum kit. Starting with two single braced drum stools (Mapex T200 and T400), these stools are sturdy and reliable. The extra padding on the T400 can be a benefit long term.

The next 2 drum thrones are the double braced Mapex T570 and the T575A. You can see these stools have more padding and 2 bars on the legs to give much more stability. The Mapex T575A is also moulded into a more comfortable shape.

Selected Bass Drum Pedals

Here is a selection of bass drum pedals that are quality and reliable products. The Mapex P200 is a great entry level pedal (currently packaged with the Mapex Tornado acoustic drum kits). The next one we have chosen is the Mapex P400, this model is much more substantial with a base plate under the pedal adding stability, it has a single-chain driver, adjustable spurs and a reversable beater for a different sound and feel.The Mapex P600 has an adjustable length foot plate, a double chain for fast reliable movement has adjustable floor spikes to restrict movement and is thicker and more durable in general.

Selected Hi Hat Stands

Here we have a selection of Hi hat stands. The Mapex H200, H400 and H600. Starting with the double braced legs on the H200 you are able to adjust the height and this stand is lightweight and strong. As you move up the range the H400 is constructed with a better dual-tube, has retrackable feet spikes to limit movement and better cymbal felts. The H600 has an additional direct chain pull drive, variable tension adjustment and in general this pedal is more rubust.

Selected Cymbal Stands

Here we have a selection of cymbal stands. The Mapex B200, B400 and B600. Staring with the sturdy double braced Mapex B200 as a great entry level, we move on to the Mapex B400 giving you a chrome finish, a better grip on the feet and a more rubust build quality. The Mapex B600 gives you a hide away boom arm feature for a different look, more weight to the feet to restrict movement and is a very robust quality stand.

Selected Snare Stands

Here is a selection of snare stands for you. We have chosen to highlight the Mapex S200, S400 and S600. The Mapex S200 is double braced lightweight ,stable and excellent value. The Mapex S400 has a memory lock clamp, chrome finish, better feet grips and is a thicker more robust stand in general. The Mapex S600 has a a multi step snare basket tilt mechanism and is a very hardy stand.

Selected Popular Drum Sticks

From the huge range of sticks available we have selected 2 very popular sticks in the size of 5A for any entry level or experienced player. We have many more stock avilablein our drum accessories section. We have selected the Chord 5A as a great entry level stick available as a single pair or in a block of 12 for easy purchase and also the well known Vic Firth Nova 5A stick, also avilable in a block or a single pair. They both have wooden tips as they are generally known as less damaging to the drum skin or electric drum pad.


Selected Ear Protectors And Silencer Pads

Ear protection when not using silencer pads is vital as you do not want to damage your hearing. Below we have some dedicated musical instrument ear protection, so your ears are protected without compromising the sound and enjoyment. These ear protectors are designed to reduce volume without reducing the sound quality. They maintain a clear sound unlike putting your fingers in your ears, or using industrial yellow ear protectors.

We have also listed a selection of silencer pads that you can buy as a set for your drum kit. You will need to know the size of your drums in order to get the correct set. Different drum combinations with specific names such as "fusion kit" or "rock kit" have different size toms and bass drum. We have listed the common sizes in the title to make it easy for you to choose the right one and they all include additional hi hat and cymbal silencers.

Selected Drum Monitor Speakers

Electric drum kits generally do not have any built in speakers, so you can either listen to the kit using headphones, or you can connect a dedicated powered drum monitor speaker or PA system to the kit. How you connect the electric drum kit to the powered monitor is achieved by connecting a cable from the headphones (or output socket) of the the electric drum kit to the drum monitor input socket (basically a lead from the kit to the powered speaker). Some headphone/output sockets on the electronic drum kits are a mini jack (like on many mobile phones for example) and some are a normal 1/4" full sized jack socket so don't foget to uy a jack lead and the jack to mini jack converter adaptor incase you need it. The monitor speakers below are very popular and are designed specifically for electric drum kits (and are great monitors for order uses). The Roland PM01 has speakers that face upwards and the slim nature means you can put it under your kit saving space. The Alto Tourmax in an all purpose monitor speaker that sounds great. The wedge shape give you a gigable monitor of if required. The Roland Pm100 and PM200 have been around for a while as industry known excellent monitors with increased power and volume as you move up teh range.

Selected Cables (Connecting Your Electric Drum Kit To The Monitor Speaker)

Below is a selecting of jack leads that can be used to simply connect your electric drum kit to your powered monitor speaker (like the ones listed above). You only need one lead and you will notice a "Jack to Mini Jack Converter" adaptor in the list in addition to these. If your drum kit has a "small (mini jack)" output socket you will need this converter to make the 1/4 inch jack (full size jack) small enough to fit the output socket of your electric drum kit.

If you are unsure what size your headphone socket is please check the details, contact us, or purchase it anyway as this can come in handy for other devices such as playing your mobile phone through the speaker or other devices you may have that have a mini jack output socket.

Selected Headphones

Starting with a basic set of headphones, the Electrovision AO88 do the job. Moving up to the more comfortable HPH50 Yamaha headphones you can feel and hear a significant difference with a frequency response of 20 hzto 20 khz 38mm driver unit you can hear in much more detail. The HOH100 has added adjustments for comfort and a 40mm driver to give you an even better tone. The Roland RH200 Headphones are beter in every way,they are bigger and have more ear padding for extra comfort and to cut out outside noise and have a 20hz to 20000hz range with a bigger speaker to give you a great quality sound.
Please note all these headphones with work on a mini jack (standard 1/8 socket ) or full size jack socket (standard 1/4 inch socket). Basically all these headphones will work and fit all the instruments we sell, regardless of the headphone jack socket they have.

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