Essential Accessories For Acoustic, Classical, Bass And Electric Guitars

Here we have a selection of essential accessories that you may wish to purchase for use with your guitar. We have listed a great selection of value for money add-ons for your guitar including bags, tuners, straps and effect pedals. A bigger selection of accessories can be found here. A huge selection of guitar effects pedals and multi effects can be found here.

Selected Guitar And Bass Bags And Cases

Here we have a selection of value for money "gig bags" (carry cases). Guitars can come in many different shapes and sizes but the most popular sizes have a specific commonly known name for the size. I will explain a few to you now to help you understand. 

"Dreadnought Guitar" is the name give to standard 6 string steel string acoustic guitar, looks like a figure 8 shape with a larger lower curve. 
"Folk Guitar" or "Parlour Shape Guitar" are steel string guitars with a very similar shape with the figure 8 shape more the same curve size.
"Jumbo Acoustic Guitars" have a much bigger lower curve to the top so the figure 8 shape has a big lower part.
"Classical Guitars" have nylon strings and a slimmer figure 8 shape to steel string acoustic guitars with a more even curve size.
"Stratocaster", "Telecaster", "Les Paul", "SG" shapes will all fit in a standard electric carry bag, hard cases may be shaped to the body type.
"Precision Bass" and "Jazz Bass" are standard bass guitar shapes that will fit into a standard bass bag.

We have a huge selection of guitar bags and cases here. If you need help please contact us and we will guide you to the right one for you.

Selected Bags And Cases For Acoustic Guitars

Selected Bags And Cases For Electric Guitars

Selected Bags And Cases For Bass Guitars

Selected Guitar Stands

Its always safer and better for your instrument to be on a stand when not in use, or if you do not have/wish to put it away in a hard case. Here we have a selection of value for money guitar and bass stands for you to purchase. If you have more than one guitar or bass you may wish to purchase a guitar rack.

Selected Bass, Acoustic And Electric Guitar Tuners

It is extremely important your guitar or bass is "in-tune" and tuned to "concert pitch". This is a universal set frequency to make a particular note. It is possible for your instrument to tune to what you think may be the correct notes and sound ok when you play but this may not be to the correct initial pitch required. This may cause you to experience problems such as breaking strings, fret buzz (noise when the string vibrates against the guitar body) and many other issues. Your guitar will have been made with a specific tension from the strings on the neck, with the guitar tuned to the correct pitch. If you do not tune correctly you may experience issues and also be "out of tune" to the rest of the band or unable to play along with backing tracks because you're tuning it wrong. All the following tuners are value for money and will help you stay in-tune.

Selected Electric Guitar And Bass Effect Pedals And Multi Effects Units

We have selected some great value for money multi-effects units for you to consider along with some popular individual pedals. These are used to make your guitar make different sounds through your amplifier like "distortion", "echo", "loop" phrases or fill out with a "chorus" effect.

We have many more in our guitar and bass effects section that can be found here.

Selected Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

Selected Multi Effect Units For Electric And Bass Guitars

Selected Cables and Patch leads

We have selected a few cables that you may wish to purchase. If you buy an effect unit, for example, you will need to connect your guitar to the pedal/multi-effects unit and then connect your pedal/multi-effects unit to the amp, ie you need two cables!

There are loads of leads to choose from and we have a huge selection here if you do not see what you are looking for below.

Selected Guitar string Sets for Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Here are a few sets of strings that are very popular that you may wish to purchase. We have many more sets available in our dedicated string section here.

Selected Guitar Straps

Here we have a selection of guitar straps that we believe are great value for money.

Selected Guitar Plectrum And Holders

Most guitar players use "plectrums". These are the bit used to pluck at or strum the strings with. Handy to have a holder to keep them in too, ready for when you need them and to make them easy to find.

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