Essential Accessories For Digital Pianos And Keyboards

Here we a have selection of all the main accessories you my need to go with your keyboard, such as sustain pedals, keyboard or piano stands, headphones, carry cases, stools and piano benches and much more. We have carefully selected the best value for money, good quality products to cover most keyboards and digital pianos. You can view all our keyboard and piano accessories by clicking HERE.

Selected Keyboard And Digital Piano Stands

Here is a selection of keyboards stands. Some are generic, for example the X Frame style stands are designed with all keyboards and digital pianos in mind. The keyboard sits on top held in place with simple rubber cap ends, as you play with a downward motion these make very little movement but are not fixed, or completely rigid as other fixed stands can be, a double X stand will "wobble" much less. They are ideal to fold up and put away or take with you to gigs or friends houses. The TGKT1 has four legs and is fully adjustable, great for digital pianos or keyboards of various sizes. 61 to 88 key keyboards and pianos fit on here great! Other stands are designed to be more rigid in nature, or are designed by the manufacturer to screw in and fix to specific models. Please check if you are unsure which stand will fit your model before you purchase.

Selected Keyboard And Digital Piano Sustain Pedals (Used As footswitches also on many keyboards)

Here is a selection of sustain pedals suitable for keyboards and digital pianos. They connect via a jack socket (the cable is attached to the pedal and plugs into the back of your keyboard or digital piano). They can vary from a square footswitch style pedal to more traditional pedals that you see on acoustic pianos. The traditional looking pedals tend to be a little more robust and less likely to move as you press on them. They work to a set "polarity". This is the basic on/off signal, Yamaha for example use a positive polarity and Casio are a negative polarity. What this means is the pedal will work the wrong way round if the polarity is wrong "ie on is off and off is on". Most keyboards have the ability to change the polarity within the functionality, some generic sustain pedals have a simple switch to change it, so no big worry but worth you knowing about. If in doubt get the one that's the same brand as your keyboard/piano, or get a generic model with a switch on it.

If you have the correct wooden manufacturer stand for your digital piano some manufacturers have made pedalboard units to add to your product to give you a sustain pedal feature and other functionality (Please check digital piano is compatible before purchasing).

Selected Piano And Keyboard Benches (Piano Stools)

Its essential as any teacher will tell you that you sit in the correction position to play at your keyboard or piano. You should sit so that your back is straight and you arms are at right angle with your fingers resting on the keys "like you are holding an orange". We have some great seating options below to ensure you are in comfort and in the correct position to play your best!

Selected Electric Piano And Keyboard Dustcovers

Here we have a selection of dust-covers for your keyboard or digital piano. Please select the one related to the number of keys on your product. For example if you keyboard has 61 keys or if your digital piano has 88 keys and so on. The drawstring covers are great, they are easy to put over your products and you simply pull the string to give a nice look and stop dust from going under the keys.

Selected Electric Piano And Keyboard Carry Cases

You may wish to transport your keyboard or digital piano to a gig, friends house, or simply want a bit of padding when storing your product. We have selected a few cases below that could be ideal for you. Please ensure you check the sizes so that you get the best one for you. Many more cases and bags are available in our accessories section such as hard cases and we can even get bespoke cases made for you, please contact us if you have a specific requirement and we will do our best to help.

The Berkeley Slimline Padded Keyboard Bag will fit most 88 key portable digital pianos, is padded and great to make your item transportable. The Stagg K10-097 will fit most standard size 61 key keyboards such as Yamaha PSRE range or Casio CTK range. Keyboards that are a little deeper such as the Yamaha PSRS range would need the Stagg K10-099. The Genos bag is for the Yamaha Genos but may fit other keyboards.

Selected Electric Piano And Keyboard Amplifiers/Moniotrs

We have selected some great powered keyboard speakers for you. Great for at home or for "gigging". All keyboards and digital pianos have a headphones socket and some have dedicated output sockets. If your keyboard does not have dedicated output sockets you can still use external amplification by putting a lead in the headphone socket (this is effectively an output socket) and then connect this lead to the input on a powered amplifier or PA system. This will enable you to not just be louder if you wish, but get a much better quality and deeper richer sound at lower volumes.

As you spend more on the speaker you will get more power, a better speaker/s, more ways to get the sound better called EQ (equalization) and more inputs to maybe add a mic for example?!
(Don't forget to buy a jack cable and the connector to make it big to small incase your headphone socket is a mini jack socket - selected leads are below the speakers in the next section)

Selected Cables (Connecting Your Digital Piano/Keyboard To The Monitor Speaker)

Below is a selection of jack leads that can be used to simply connect your keyboard or electric piano kit to your powered monitor speaker (like the ones listed above). You only need one lead and you will notice a "Jack to Mini Jack Converter" adaptor in the list in addition to these. If your keyboard or digital piano has a "small (mini jack)" output socket (ie the headphone socket) you will need this converter to make the 1/4 inch jack (full size jack) small enough to fit the output socket of your keyboard/digital piano.

If you are unsure what size your headphone socket is please check the details, contact us, or purchase it anyway as this can come in handy for other devices such as playing your mobile phone through the speaker or other devices you may have that have a mini jack output socket.

Selected Microphone Packs, Single Mics, Mic Cables and Stands

Some keyboards have the ability to plug a microphone in them so you can talk, or sing through them. You need to ensure the microphone you get is the right connecting lead from the mic to your amplifier (or the right pack with the right lead in it). Some amplifiers (or keyboard mic input sockets) have an XRL socket and some have a 1/4" jack socket, the mic end is always the same (female XLR). We have many more mics HERE and microphone accessories HERE but these below we feel are great value for you. A mic boom stand is great for keyboard/piano players (and guitarists), this is because you have an arm that allows the mic to hold on an angle in front of you and out of the way of your arms. A straight mic stand would be in the way. If you need help please get in touch with us. Don't forget your mic clip! - Thats the bit that holds the mic on the boom stand.

Selected Headphones Great For Keyboards And Digital Pianos

Starting with a basic set of headphones, the Electrovision AO88 do the job. Moving up to the more comfortable HPH50 Yamaha headphones you can feel and hear a significant difference with a frequency response of 20 hzto 20 khz 38mm driver unit you can hear in much more detail. The HOH100 has added adjustments for comfort and a 40mm driver to give you an even better tone. The Roland RH200 Headphones are better in every way, they are bigger and have more ear padding for extra comfort and to cut out outside noise and have a 20hz to 20000hz range with a bigger speaker to give you a great quality sound.
Please note all these headphones work on a mini jack (standard 1/8 socket ) or full size jack socket (standard 1/4 inch socket). Basically all these headphones will work and fit all the instruments we sell, regardless of the headphone jack socket they have.

Selected Keyboard Volume Pedals

Some keyboards have the ability to use a volume pedal via a socket built into the keyboard. This allows you to adjust the volume up and down by using your "foot". Some people call them "foot volume pedals", or the old organ term of a "swell pedal". This feature is great to be expressive with your playing. If your keyboard or digital piano does not have the ability (with a specific socket to use a volume pedal) you can get an "in-line" volume pedal, this has an input socket and an output socket allowing the volume to be adjusted by running a cable from your keyboard to the pedal and then on to additional amplification such as the keyboard amps shown above. This means if you buy an amp, 2 leads and the volume pedal you can have volume control at your feet on any keyboard or digital piano.

Popular Keyboard Power Supplies

Nowadays most new keyboards come with a power supply (all digital pianos do, that we know of). There are a few Casio keyboards that do not come with a power supply as yet and a couple of the entry level Yamaha keyboards. Sometimes you may need to just purchase a new power supply due to wear and tear. Digital pianos are usually a special order and not "off the shelf" as these can vary. Here are the usual power supplies for the keyboards we sell.

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