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Explore a whole new world with Rimmers Music’s guitar effects

Guitar effects are electronic devices which modify and process the tone and pitch of a guitar to produce an altered sound. Sometimes referred to as ‘FX’, guitar effects allow players to create drastically different sounds, and taking advantage of an effects pedal offers almost limitless creative possibilities to those talented enough to make the most of their potential. The amount of choice and freedom offered to guitar players today when it comes to guitar effects is simply staggering; and experimenting with just a few different guitar effects will open up a world new world of sonic possibilities and avenues to explore.

Some effects are more ‘on the nose’, whilst others possess a much more subtle touch to perfect a guitar’s output. Guitar effects are ubiquitous throughout the music world and if you’re seeking to match the sounds of your favourite artists, you’re going to want to invest in guitar effects sooner or later to enable you to emulate your heroes and favourite songs. After mastering the introductory elements of a guitar, players will want to look into the world of effects, and they can be an enjoyable way to break up the tedium and frustration that comes with learning to play the guitar competently.

Why you should choose Rimmers Music to shop for your guitar effects

Experimentation with a variety of guitar effects really is the recommended approach to finding the most suitable effects for your own style and the needs of your music, why is why Rimmers Music has available a leading range of guitar effects pedals for you to choose from. Browse our selection of both single pedal effects as well as our multi effects, you’ll also be able to choose from one of Rimmers Music’s accurate pedal tuners.