Guitar Effects

Guitar effects and pedals can play a huge part in the set-up of any guitarist.  Effects can add a variety of different shapes to the tone of the guitar and can also be used to create completely unique sounds. We have an extensive range of effects pedals, with distortion, chorus, octave and delay pedals and also a range of wah pedals too.

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Guitar Effects

As guitarists, we know that the possibilities are endless and we are always looking for ways to improve our tone. Whether you have a great guitar and a great amp, something is missing - the next step is to have an effect pedal between these to ensure you are achieving the perfect sound. 

Our wide range of pedals ensure that you can add any style you like - we have something for everyone. You can easily generate a versatile sound.

Distortion Pedals -

These pedals are the perfect addition to an electric guitar player who specialises in punk, rock or metal. What the distortion pedal does is it adds an attitude to the sound that players love - a staple on your pedalboard.

Chorus Pedals -

A chorus pedal is designed to replicate the sound of a choir, there is a delay between the signals which makes it different to a flanger or phaser pedal. This then creates a more subtle effect.

Octave Pedals -

An octave pedal duplicates notes played which allows you to deepen your bass, as you can add notes either above or below your intervals. This opens up possibilities for playing live.

Delay Pedals -

These pedals are very versatile, they add texture, depth and uniqueness to your sound - whatever type of music you play - the delay pedal has something to offer.

Wah Pedals -

These pedals are designed to mimic the sound of a human voice, a classic for 70s music however still remains very popular across many genres of today, Very present on rock solos and funk.