Guitar Lessons

Across all of our seven stores, we offer guitar lessons with experienced, friendly teachers. Throughout music lessons you will learn how to play either an acoustic, bass , classical or electric guitar, this is your decision to make. From here, the absolute basics of playing the guitar will be taught and whilst you develop your skills, you will learn how to play songs. Along with learning how to play the guitar, you will learn about different parts of the guitar such as scales, hand form, chords, strumming patterns and more.

We cater for all styles of music in our music schools, we know everybody is different. Our lessons can be taken on a one to one basis or in a group, welcoming all ages and abilities, everybody has different music taste whether that be pop, rock, classic or funk - whatever you enjoy our teacher will enjoy teaching!

Learning how to play the guitar should be fun, your lessons will be encouraging as our teachers want the best for you!

Regardless of which level you are at with learning how to play the guitar, that is not an issue for our teachers as they welcome everybody from every level and dedicate their time to ensuring you are on your way to becoming a skilled guitarist. 

Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to learn how to play the guitar, whether you are hoping to build up a new hobby or you want to aim higher and start to perform live in gigs then this is something that is possible, we want to build up your confidence to be able to perform in front of others. Learning how to play the guitar, or any instrument is a real self-esteem boost as you will start to see your own developments.

So, what benefits are the benefits of playing the guitar?

Stress Buster -

Playing the guitar can help to shift any stress or negative mood that you may be feeling, it can boost your mood and release positive endorphins as you strum away and produce music. Whilst playing the guitar you will go through a number of emotions and by the time you have finished playing, your stress should have disappeared.

Boost Brain Power -

Playing an instrument naturally stimulates the brain as you’re focusing on reading music, learning chords, and doing several things at once. Playing the guitar means you have to pay close attention to detail in order to correct mistakes, trial and error is a key point as you will learn from your mistakes.

Practice Your Passion For Music -

Finally, a benefit of playing the guitar is spending time practising your passion and it is really fun! You probably started playing the guitar because you have a love for music, or you may want to start learning because of this, either way you have a real passion and playing the guitar encourages you to continue with your journey through music!


All seven of our stores offer guitar lessons, your first lesson is FREE as a trial to show how fantastic our teachers are. From here you can decide whether you would like to book further lessons. 

To get your first free trial lesson, please fill in our Rimmers Music School Enquiry form at the bottom of our music schools page, or alternatively, you can contact any of our stores directly or call our customer service team on 01772 622111.