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Our Greater Manchester Musical Instrument Showroom (Rimmers Music Bolton) has two huge floors packed with Musical Instruments. Complete with a Music School where 'We Can Teach You To Play', we also have 'six rehearsal studios for hire' too! This is one of the largest 'Musical Instrument Stores' in the North West.
Above the huge 'Piano Showroom', the 'First Floor Showroom'
has a huge selection of products over three large dedicated rooms.

Our First Floor Showroom is split into sections and features an acoustic guitar room, keyboard room, huge electric guitar section, drum kit (electric and acoustic) area, speakers, monitors & PA systems section with cabinets displaying Brass & Woodwind and stringed instruments like violins, ukuleles and much more. We even have soundproofed rooms for customers to try guitars privately without interruption.

We have all the related accessories in stock like guitar cables (leads), headphones, plectrums, slides etc and lets not forget the effect pedals you are going to want. If you are not sure what you need we can help and advise you.

Our video demonstration shows you the layout of the store and give you an idea of the size of the store and what you can find there. This store is huge and well worth a visit.

Acoustic Guitar Room - Rimmers Music Bolton (1st Floor)

Acoustic Guitar Room - Rimmers Music Bolton (1st Floor)

Our 'Acoustic Guitar Room' on the First Floor in our Rimmers Music Bolton Store contains some of the world’s finest acoustic guitar brands from the ever popular Taylor Acoustic Guitars including the Baby Taylor, to the rich in heritage of Martin Acoustic Guitars, not to mention one of the world leaders in anything guitar related - Gibson Acoustic Guitars! Add to the mix the high quality, big hitting Japanese brands of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars like the Yamaha FG series and Yamaha FS series. We also have a great selection of Takamine Acoustic Guitars on display and ready for you to play. Its an acoustic guitar players paradise.

The 'Acoustic Guitar Room' is rounded off with another two giants of the guitar scene, 'Fender Acoustic Guitars' and 'Epiphone Acoustic Guitars'. Two perfect brands for the emerging acoustic guitarist looking to find their way on this beloved instrument and with a Fender or Epiphone logo on the headstock, you simply cannot go wrong!

Regarding acoustic guitar amplifiers and electric acoustic guitars, we stock a wide ranges from all the leading guitar manufacturers. You can plug one of these great guitars into an equally amazing range of amplifiers that we have ready for your to try. From the entry level Fender Acoustasonic amp range to the excellent Fender Pro Acoustic Guitar Amplifier range, we have everything you need. Make sure you come and try the amazing range of AER Acoustic amplifiers we have, as we are certain you will be blown away by their high precision sound quality. We shouldn’t fail to mention the great range of Roland Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers we have including the wonderful Roland AC33, Roland AC40 & AC60 acoustic guitar amps, which have to be heard to be believed as their diminutive stature really packs a quality punch.

Electric Guitar Room - Rimmers Music Bolton (1st Floor)

Massive Electric Guitar Display (1st Floor)

Huge Electric Guitar  & Amp Display - Rimmers Music Bolton (1st Floor)
We have a huge display or electric guitars and amplifiers at our Rimmers Music Greater Manchester Store (Bolton). You will be amazed by the ‘Live’ feel and welcoming atmosphere you will feel in our first floor showroom.

On entry you are greeted by one of the coolest looking Fender Electric Guitar displays in the country as we strive to keep a large number and variety of stock from this iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll heavyweight. From Fender Strat’s and Tele’s to the Fender Vintera series, we have everything you would expect as well as a few guitars you may not. Seen as the main opponents of the previous heavyweight mentioned, Gibson is another gigantic brand that we have in stock in our electric guitar department. We have a host of the more traditional Gibson Les Paul and Gibson SG models, as well as the more creative Gibson Flying V and Gibson Explorer models. We are sure to have the Gibson you are looking for so come and try a few out.

With guitar brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Yamaha, Gibson, Epiphone and many more we are sure you will find the right electric guitar for you, and our guitar experts can help you. We have a wide selection of Fender Stratocasters & Telecasters, Gibson Les Paul, SG & ES335, Gretsch Electromatic, Epiphone guitar packs, Yamaha Pacifica and much more.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t see what you are looking for either online or in store, then its more than likely we would be able to get it for you so please ask a member of our staff.

Hollow & Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar - Rimmers Music Bolton (1st Floor)
If it’s a hollow, or semi-hollow electric guitar you are looking for then we have you covered with brands such as Gretsch Guitars and Gibson Es Series.

We have a dedicated 'Bass Guitar' section including Fender Precision and Jazz Basses, Gibson, Epiphone and Yamaha for all of the 4 string bass guitar specialists who wish to pay us a visit. We may even have a 5 or 6 string bass for those players who are a little more adventurous.

We also have some of the best Guitar and Bass Amplification on the market today, such as Blackstar, Fender, Vox, Roland and many more. Please pop in and try as many combinations as possible to make sure that you get the right instrument for you.

Guitar Effect Pedals & Multi Effect Units (1st Floor)
We stock and display a wide variety of 'Bass & Guitars Effect Pedals' by Boss, Fender, Yamaha & Spur, with many more available online to to order. So whether you want a banging distortion pedal like the Boss MT2 or a Fender Bubbler chorus pedal or multi effects unit like the Boss ME80 we have got you covered!

Guitar & Bass Set Up Service
We offer an extensive 'Guitar Set Up Service' at our Bolton store from a basic re-string & clean up to a full custom guitar service! We pride ourselves on catering for your individual requirement, offering excellent value for money and a professional service.
Please contact us for details.

Acoustic & Electric Drum Kits | PA Systems

Electric Drum Kits & Acoustic Drum Kits(1st Floor)
Everyone loves playing an acoustic drum kit and there has been a massive rise in the popularity of electric drum kits(also known as digital drum kits), due to the space saving nature of these kits and the fact they can be played with headphones! Here at our Gtr Manchester Rimmers Music Store (Bolton) we have a great range of electric and acoustic drum kits. With brands such as Yamaha, Carlsbro, Spur, Roland, Alesis & Mapex on display with all the related drum accessories like stands, bass drum pedals, drum monitor speaker systems etc, we are sure to have the kit you need. We can also teach you how to play drums in our Music School based on-site.

PA Systems & Live Performance
(1st Floor)
We know all about live performances, many of our staff do 'gigs', either as solo acts or in bands and we are very proud of them. We understand getting the right sound with the right PA system is very important. We stock and display a range of PA systems by Yamaha, Mackie & Stagg with all the related accessories like speaker cables, microphones, speaker stands and monitor speakers available. We can show how to avoid 'feedback' through the speakers by training you how to 'EQ to the room'.  We do singing lessons in our Music School too!

It goes without saying that any ‘Live’ room should have a great PA section and we certainly do not fail in that department. Our extensive range of Yamaha and Mackie speakers and mixers will be all you need for aspiring solo artists or full bands alike.

You are more than welcome to come and try out our range of PA systems to make sure you get the right package to suit your live sound needs. If you are a musician in the local area of Greater Manchester or Lancashire then we would love to see you in our store to talk to us about what you play and what you love to listen to as we are music lovers too!

Huge Display Of Keyboards In Our Keyboard Room (1st Floor)

Keyboard Room (1st Floor)

We have a comprehensive range of keyboards on display in our dedicated 'keyboard room' on the first floor. Here you have an Aladin's Cave of keyboards to browse, play and purchase. You are able to view the complete range of Yamaha and Casio keyboards here.

You can find Yamaha PSRE series like the Yamaha Psre263, PSRE363 keyboards. We have the Yamaha EZ series like the Yamaha EZ220, PSRS series like the PSRS975 & PSRS775 and the top of the range Yamaha Genos keyboard.

You will also find the Casio CTK, CTX, PX and many more, such as the Casio CTK3500 and Casio CTK700 keyboards. We have a vast range to choose from with Casio trained staff to help you.

All our staff receive weekly training and go to specialist training days from time to time to ensure we have the best keyboard knowledge and give excellent customer care. These highly trained staff who can show you the keyboard ranges available and guide you to the best one for you.

We also run a 'Free Keyboard Club' held at the Rimmers Music Bolton store each month, whereby we have in-house experts and get manufacturer experts in to give you hints and tips of how to use and get the best from your keyboard. Get details of our 'Free Monthly - Rimmers Music Bolton Keyboard Club' by clicking - HERE


All Guitars Are Professionally Set Up & Ready To Play!

This is a service we offer to all our Rimmers Music customers. Every guitar purchased in-store comes complete with a 'Free Guitar Set Up worth £45.00'.  This applies to electric as well as acoustic guitars. We know guitars and we know everyone is different, we aim to ensure the guitar you buy from Rimmers Music is perfect for you. We have expert guitar advice available to ensure you get the right guitar for you. You can take your time, play as many as you like and come as many times as you like. We love guitars and want you to love them with us!

Demonstrations & Mastercalsses
We often have guitar, keyboard and piano in-store masterclass demonstrations and manufacturer expert days at our store, make sure you sign up to get our newsletter and pop in to see us as often as you can so we can keep you informed. You will always get a warm welcome.

Six Large Rehearsal Studios
In addition to all of this we also have six large rehearsal studios available on a very reasonable rental plan located at the rear of our Bolton store. Each studio is professionally soundproofed and big enough for two bands to share, meaning you can split the rent! Contact us for details.

Rimmers Music School Bolton
We offer quality music tuition at fantastic value for money.  All lessons are held in our purpose built studios with our music teachers.Our lessons are based on your individual need and ability. Music lessons are available for Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums & Singing. You can visit our dedicated Music School page for details by clicking - HERE

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